Change in Plans

So, we’re not leaving VA when we thought we were. Instead of leaving on August 30th like we originally planned, we’re not leaving until September 4th. Not too much of a change, but enough to mess up some of our plans. The Navy (and myself) would prefer for Caleb to be present when our house is packed, so we changed our pack dates from August 28th and 29th to September 2nd and 3rd. We’re doing our move-out inspection (finally) on the 4th and then off we go.

We want to stop by the DC Temple on our way out of VA, so that will cut 4 hours into our trip. Crap. We can’t do that. We’ll have Sadie in the car. I don’t think it would be very safe to leave her in the car for 4 hours in the middle of the day. Darn. Hmmm. We’ll have to go one of these upcoming weekends.

Okay, moving on. New plans. We’re planning on going to Illinois to visit Kirk for an evening, which will take us 15 1/2 hours to get there if we avoid toll roads and 14 1/2 if we take the toll roads. I’m not sure which we’ll do.

So, our move-out inspection is at 9:30, and hopefully it won’t take more than 15 minutes, but we’ll allot an hour just in case there are problems. So, we leave around 10:30ish. That will put us in Great Lakes around 1:30am the next day, 3:30 if we stop a lot. Hmmmmm. that’s not so good. Shoot. Well, hmmm. I guess we’ll have to call Kirk and see if that works for him or if we need to figure something else out.

Okay, so we’ll plan on arriving at Kirk’s on the morning of the 5th and leaving that evening. So, we leave around 10:00pm and it takes 14 1/2 hours (or 12 1/2 if we go on toll roads) to get from there to Oklahoma City. That means, with gas stops and random breaks, we could get there around 2:30ish on the 6th. That won’t leave much time for apartment hunting, so we’ll most likely just get a hotel and rest. Then we’ll go to chuch on the 7th and start apartment hunting on the 8th.

We’re planning on only apartment hunting for a few days because we’ll have all day to do it, so hopefully we’ll be leaving OK on the morning of the 11th at the latest. Ick. Googlemaps says that will be a 17 hours drive. Yum. Soooo looking forward to that. Not.

We’re also going to be visiting my grandparents in AZ for an evening. If we go to Lake Havasu, that will be a 15 hour drive and it will be somewhat on the way, not too far out of the way, so it’s okay. So, if we leave OK around 10:00am on the 11th, we should get to Lake Havasu around 2:00am on the 12th. Yay. I’m getting a picture of arriving to all our destinations in the middle of the night. We’ll probably get a hotel and then go visit my grandparents in the afternoon after we’ve gotten some sleep.

From there, it’s about a 4 1/2 hour drive to my mom’s house, so weell either leave Lake Havasu on the evening of the 12th or the morning of the 13th and get to Utah sometime on the 13th at the latest. The 14th will be Sunday and we can relax and take it easy all day.

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