Can’t Sleep

Ugh. *sigh* I soooo cannot get to sleep! Caleb and I have both had bad colds the past few days. I do have to say mine has been worse because for two days I couldn’t talk and had to resort to texting as a way to communicate with Caleb. It was really sad because Caleb was all chatty (which doesn’t happen very often) and was telling me all these intriguing ideas he has come up with to improve daily living, the illegal immigration problem, etc. I guess it was good, in a way, because I couldn’t interrupt him with dumb questions and retarded comments, but the conversations were a little one-sided and would die off after a while. Good thing I can talk again. Now we’re both just coughing and have runny noses.

Anyways, so we both took Tylenol Cold PM. Two nights ago, it knocked me out for 14 hours. Last night, for about 10. Tonight, it’s 1:11am and I’M STILL AWAKE!!!! We both took the medicine at 8:00pm. Caleb is in bed snoring and I’ve been on the computer for the past two hours, wide awake. At first, I just layed in bed, trying to relax and trying to think of slow, deep breathing. Then my mind started to wander and I was thinking about one of the books I finished reading a few days ago. Then I started thinking about music and Beauty and the Beast started running through my head. That was a nice change because I normally have Legally Blonde the Musical going through my head 24/7.

So, after laying in bed being totally and completely awake (and really bored) for two and a half hours, I came out into the living room when I have been playing Mobsters, OutWorld, Own Your Friends and Triple Yahtzee. All at the same time. Oh, and eating starbursts. Does that tell you how awake I am? It’s kind of frustrating. Especially since I have to be awake at 10:00am tomorrow when the Household Goods guy comes over to see what all we are moving to Oklahoma. He was supposed to come last week, be never called us when he said he would and he never answered when Caleb called him. So, he’s coming on the very last day possible. He kept telling us he could come around 7:00pm, but now he can’t come any later than 10:00am. So, I have to be here alone with some guy I’ve never met. Ugh. I hate that. Good thing I have an attack kitty. Oh, wait. She only attacks me. lol. She has this silly habit of running up behind my feet, throwing her paws around my legs and biting the back of my legs. Strange cat. Oh, well. At least she’s cute. 😉

Oooooooh! There’s been a change! I just ate……..(wait for it)……………………..a tootsie roll! Woohoo! Maybe bedtime is coming after all!!!! Yay!

Anyways, I’m going to go now before I infect anyone else with this non-sleeping-itis. Wish me luck!