Piano Playing

A week and a half ago my bishop asked me to accept a calling as Relief Society Pianist. Anyone who knows me knows that I haven’t played the piano in public for 9-10 years. The last time I played the piano in public was when the Young Women sang in Sacrament Meeting when I was a Sophomore. I lost my place at the end of the song and when I found my place again, I hit all wrong notes for a bit, so I just stopped and they sang the last few lines a capella. I was so mortified. After that, I pretty much just stopped playing altogether. Every now and then, though, I have the urge to play, so Caleb got me a piano a year and a half ago. I don’t play on a regular basis, maybe 2-3 times a year.

So, yeah, I am nowhere near prepared to play tomorrow. I wasn’t told what songs I need to play until Wednesday and my piano didn’t get here until Thursday so I practiced at the church on Wednesday night and then I’ve been practicing a few hours a day yesterday and today. One song I have down almost perfect, one song I have trouble with one measure (i can play it perfect one hand at a time, but when I try to put both hands together, i can’t do that measure) and the third song I can’t play both hands at the same time yet when I do them seperate, I don’t make any mistakes.