Who would have thought that sending a mass amount of resumes out would result in interviews? I mean, I just thought people just dialed random numbers and interviewed whooever answered. hehe.

So, yesterday I sent out a bunch of resumes. I’m not even kidding. I was still at the fax machine when I got a call from a lady who had just received my resume and wanted to see me. Then, about an hour later I got another call. That brings my interview total to 4 today. Yay! Little miss me might have a job today! Woohoo! Oh, and I did get a response to one I e-mailed to a staffing agency. They are going to send my resume to their clients. Yippee!

My first interview is at 10:30 with an oral surgery center. I really enjoyed working at Dr Bulloch’s office, so I’m really hoping I get this one. So is Caleb. Beside the fact that it’s 15-20 minutes away from our house, he knows how much I liked working for Dr Bulloch.

The second interview is at 11:45 at a youth crisis center. That one seems good, too. The only thing I didn’t like about this one is that they are open on Saturdays and into the evening. Caleb gets off work at 4:00ish, so I want to be able to spend the evenings with him. We’ll see how it goes, though.

The third interview is at 2:00 at a doctor’s office. It’s part time, W-F 8-4:30/8-1. That would be great, but it’s about 25-30 minutes away.

The fourth interview is at 3:00 and luckily it is only ten minutes away from the previous interview. That being said, it is about 40 minutes from our house. I’m intrigued by the company, though, because it is in IT firm. AND, they have overseas locations. I love computers and learning about them, so this could be a really fun job.

Anyways, I’m pretty excited about today. Since there is a two and a half hour gap between my second and third interviews, I am going to go to a library that is right between the two of them and get some books. I’m so excited! I hope they have a good selection of books on tape. I put a book on my iPod and then let my dad listen to it, but for some reason it only had disc one, so I have to find that book again so he can finish it. He said he was really getting into it, and then it just ended. So, I have to find it!

So, yeah, that’s my day for today. It’s 8:40 right now and my first interview is at 10:30, so I’ve got to get my hiney moving so I can leave at 10ish. Love y’all tonz!