~~Travel Pay~~

Oh my gosh! I’m so ready to fall off my chair! I was just checking the bank accounts like I do every day and there was a $3,000 deposit from the military. I was a little nervous because as far as I knew, we hadn’t turned in our moving papers to receive our moving pay. Welllllllll, I texted Caleb and he said it was probably travel pay and his Chief said the same thing. I’m a total skeptic when it comes to the military and money because they accidently paid us several thousand before and because we didn’t know, we used it to pay bills and our car. Then they wanted it all back. That sucked. That’s the only time in our marriage that I was making more than Caleb. Luckily I was bringing in $3,000 a month or we would have been in trouble.

So, anyways, I googled the pay code and got directions on where to look in the online pay database for this thing. And, wait for it, IT’S TRAVEL PAY!!!! Yay!!!! I’m so excited! This is the advance travel pay that we were supposed to get before we moved! Woohoo! This totally pays off all of the travel expenses that his bonus didn’t cover. I’m way excited. Of course, I put $2,500 in savings just to be safe. But I feel so relieved about not having all those travel expenses hanging over us.

Well, kinda. The travel expenses are sitting on a 0% APR credit card right now, so we decided we’re going to hold the travel pay in savings until the actual pay sheet comes out around the 22nd to make double-sure. Then we’ll pay off the card and be 100% out of debt! Woohoo! That makes me so excited!

AND, that leaves enough left over that we can go on that trip next summer that we really want to go on.

Oh, and we still have to turn in the paper for the DITY move, so there is still more coming. That should only be a couple hundred, but hey, it’s better than nothing. 🙂

I’m just so happy. This is the start of a wonderful day! Yay!