Trip To Utah in September

Okay, so here are a bunch of pictures I took when Caleb and I were in Utah last month.

This is Deborah. She and I worked together at the Health Department. She’s really funny and crazy.

This is Hopi and Remle. Sue is also there in the background. They were my coworkers at WIC. Remle was the supervisor and Hopi is my big sister/good friend/second mom.

This is Sue. She taught me a lot of things while I was working at WIC.

This is the whole WIC bunch. I’m so bad with names, though, so I don’t remember a few of their names. Someone please help me with the names! I’ll start on the top left: Girl I met once and can’t remember her name, Lynda, Toni, Hopi, Sue, Mindy. Bottom Left: Katie, Remle, Jenna, Girl I met once.
This is my best friend, Jill, with her husband, Jay, and their little boy, Jay III.

Here is Jill again. She’s so pretty!

This is Emma and Hopi. I think Emma’s title was the Nurse Supervisor, but don’t quote me on that. I know she was the big cheese, though.

This is me with my Grandma and Grandpa. I look like crap because I’d been in a car for almost 24 hours straight without a shower or being able to make myself look decent. lol. They’re cute, though.

This is Caleb’s mom, Patti, and his sister, Chaurie.

Miss Kitty had fun sleeping behind Caleb during the drive.

This is Caleb’s youngest brother, Trevor. Isn’t he cute?

Caleb with his dad.

Caleb and his adorable youngest sister, Naci.
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