My Blog Is Now Private

Those of you who read my blog have received comments regarding that my blog is now private. I guess I should explain why. Sort of.

I’m sure you’ve all read my blog about how crappy work was for that one weekend. Needless to say, it’s been a never-ending circle of horrible patients. Turns out, one of my co-workers is a little horrible, too. I gave my blog address to two people at work and one of them decided to make a huge stink about some of the things I have written on my blog. Some of which were the blog about the patients, listing my salary for public knowledge, talking about the work filing system, etc. None of which gave out personal information. Well, how much I get paid is personal information, but it’s my personal information. It doesn’t hurt anything.

Well, after a lot of strange things happening at work today, I got called to the boss’ office. I got in trouble for my blog. Actually, I got fired. Evidently, putting my salary out there for other co-workers to see is a big no-no (even though that blog was posted BEFORE I was even hired, which I mentioned, but Sheri said I should have taken it down as soon as I was hired), talking about the work filing system is a big no-no (even though I just said the name of the system, and all that is is just the color of the folders) and telling how patients act in the office is a big no-no. Talking about it in person is okay, but I can’t do it on the internet. Does that even make sense? So, lawyers got involved, they called the police over, etc. They had the police come over in case I made a big fuss and refused to leave, or something like that. I’m not exactly sure. They did say they enjoyed reading the pleasant things I had to say about my co-workers, but calling patients buttheads, morons and liars is uncalled for. Sheri said I was an excellent employee and she didn’t want to let me go, but the lawyers insisted on it because if a patient I talked about read my blog and recognized themself, ‘I’ would get sued for $50,000 per person and 10 years in jail. That’s too much of a liability for the company, so they sacked me. Oh, and they printed off my entire blog from the day I started it through all the Thanksgiving pictures, including pictures of my ultrasound, by baby pictures, pictures of me and Caleb, etc. None of which I thought was necessary, but they said the lawyers wanted copies of the whole thing. When I suggested showing them how to print off the three specific blogs they had problems with, she said having the whole thing would be better.

I’m still not sure what to think about it. I was getting really good at my job, but I was tired of all the cranky patients. I’ve had several people throw credit cards at me, which isn’t called for in any situation. Oh, wait, I’m not supposed to talk about that.

So, yeah, I’ve decided the best thing to do is to make my blog private so that nothing like this will happen again. Of course, I will also have to censor myself in some regards, but hey, maybe that will be an improvement. 🙂

This Christmas is going to suck because we spent the little extra money we had to get me some new tennis shoes (my old ones were 3 years old with sharp plastic things sticking out the back that kept cutting up the back of my feet). I want to return then so we can use that money for bills, but Caleb won’t let me. Now, though, we don’t have enought to pay our bills, which sucks even more because all our credit cards are paid off. We are going to start having to use them until I can get a job. Well, we’ll continue with cash as long as we can, but if I don’t get a job soon, we’re going to have to use credit cards. That sucks. I was enjoying being debt-free.

Oh well. These things happen and I guess, in the grand scheme of things, I brought it on myself. In my defense, though, I did ask Dawn one time if I could tell Caleb about something funny that happened at work and she said as long as I didn’t use names or describe what the patient looked like, it was okay. Oh well. None of that really matters anymore. Wish us luck and pray for us. We’re going to need all the blessings we can get.