Day Two of Being Jobless

Well, today is my second day of being jobless. How do I feel? Really good, actually. It’s strange. I thought I would have been more upset or more worried about finding a new job. Yesterday I was sad for the first part of the day, but as I started doing more things around the house, I started feeling better. When Caleb got home from work yesterday, he said I looked a lot happier than he has seen me in a long time. I guess my job was stressing me out more than I thought it was.

Anyways, today and yesterday were good days. All the laundry in our house is clean. Bedsheets, bathtowels, pants, shirts, socks, undies, etc. It’s all clean. So are the dishes. The only dishes that are dirty are Caleb’s plate and knife from the orange he ate just before bed last night. I also re-arranged some things in the bedroom plus folding and hanging all of the laundry. Caleb was sweet and put all the sheets back on the bed last night.

Aside from my cleaning spree, I applied for several jobs yesterday and a few today. I was in the middle of applying for another one when we had a brown-out and the computer restarted itself. Then, the lights kept flickering, so I turned off both computers and decided to work on my puzzle. Caleb bought me a gorgeous 2000 piece puzzle from France when he was over there in May. It’s Van Gogh’s Paysage Avec Cypres. Here is a picture of it:

I’ve been working on it since Sunday. I’ve got all of the border put together. Now I just have to get the middle done. lol. So far, all I’ve done is organize the pieces. I mean, you can’t effectively do a puzzle by just grabbing random pieces out of the box and trying them. There’s got to be some system. Mine is to separate all the pieces by style. Like, the little things that stick out are like fingers. I have the pieces separated by how many ‘fingers’ they have. Then sometimes I separate them by color. It may not be the best system, but it works for me. Of course, I’m not separating them by color right now. A lot of the colors blend together and look the same, so I’m just going with fingers for now. Wish me luck! It might take a while.

I also watched half of a two-hour tv movie yesterday. It’s called “The Capture of the Green River Killer.” I recorded it before Caleb got home from deployment and I’m just now getting around to watching it. He’s not into watching movies like that, so it’s great for me to watch it while he’s at work. Of course, I only got half of it, so Caleb’s going to download the second half for me so I can watch it one of these days.

So, yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing the past two days. Very very exciting. I don’t mind, though. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to just relax and take a few days for me. I feel very productive with what I’ve done. Now I just have to find a job in the next few weeks or else I’ll go crazy from being jobless. lol.