Our New Puppy, Kadie

A year and a half ago we had a puppy named Shadow. Well, she wasn’t really a puppy. More like a canine monster. lol. The lady we bought her from promised us Shadow was six months old, potty trained, kennel trained and all that fun stuff. Well, she lied. Shadow was over a year and a half (according to the vet), constantly going potty all over the house, chewing on anything she could get her teeth on and threw fits when we put her in the kennel when we left. So, after about 6 months of dealing with all this and getting no improvement, we took her to St George and she in now my parent’s dog. Mom and dad absolutely love Shadow and their other dog, Sandy, now has a friend. Mom now says that Caleb can’t have Shadow back. lol It worked out great!

Ever since then, Caleb has been really sad about not having a puppy. We didn’t get another one because he was just about to go on deployment and I was going to be moving in with my sister while he was gone. When he got home, we were in Virginia for three months and then moving to Oklahoma. Well, now that we are all settled into Oklahoma and we’re going to be here for three years, we got a puppy! Kadie is Caleb’s Christmas present. Well, one of them. lol. He absolutely adores her! They are so cute.

One of the conditions of getting a puppy was that Caleb would be responsible for her. He’s doing a really great job. He takes her potty several times a day, cleans up after her messes (they’re getting less and less every day yay!), makes sure she has food and plays with her all the time. I’ve been taking tons of pictures because they are so cute. Here are a few of them:

This was Kadie and Sadie when we brought Kadie home on the 17th.
Sadie is being uncommonly patient with Kadie. Normally Sadie doesn’t let Kadie lay next to her, but every now and then she does. And I caught her! lol
We went on a road trip on Saturday. We were on a quest to find a Dairy Queen (we had to drive two and a half hours north to find one) and decided to take Kadie with us. She whined a lot at first, but as soon as the car got moving at a constant rate (freeway), she was okay.
She finally fell asleep in the backseat and looked so cute!

Caleb and Kadie. He loves his new puppy!