End of 2008

Where did you begin 2008? Utah
What was your status by Valentines Day? Married
Were you in school anytime this year? Nope
Did you have to go to the hospital? Not this year, thankfully 🙂
Did you have any encounters with the police? Other than just saying hi, nope
Where did you go on vacation? Washington, DC; Raleigh, NC, and St George, UT
What did you purchase that was over 100 dollars? Caleb’s computer, a new car, a new truck, the complete Stargate series, a couple Terabite harddrives
Did you know anybody who got married? Tanika, Kira, Leisa
Did you know anybody who passed away? No, thankfully
Did you move anywhere? First to Virginia and then to Oklahoma
What sporting events did you attend? None
What concerts/shows did you go to? None
Describe your birthday: Went to work, they gave me homemade cakes and then Caleb took me out to an Italian restuarant and gave me presents
What is the one thing you thought you would not do, but did, in 2008? Move to a Navy command in a podunk town in the middle of LAND
What has been your favorite moments? Caleb’s homecoming, going to the Temple with Caleb again
Any new additions to your family? Our puppy, Kadie
What was your best month? June
Who has been your best drinking buddy? I don’t drink alcohol
Made new friends? A few
Favorite night out? When we went to Mauricio’s before we left Virginia
Other than home, where did you spend most of your time? Work or out driving with Caleb
Be honest – did you watch American Idol? Nope
Change your hairstyle? Not yet. I keep meaning to, but every time I schedule a hair appointment, something happens (like Caleb takes the garage opener to work on accident and I can’t leave the house, lol) and I have to reschedule. I finally decided to just cancel the appointment and try next month.
Have any car accidents? Not this year
How old did you turn this year? 25
Do you have a New Years resolution? Get in shape
Do anything embarrassing? Every day
Buy anything new from eBay? Nope. I’m a fan of Amazon and Craig’s list
Get married or divorced? Nope
Get arrested? Nope
Been snowboarding? Not this year, but I really wanted to. Maybe next year
Did you get sick this year? Several times
Are you happy to see 2008 end? I guess. It means we are that much closer to leaving Oklahoma
Been naughty or nice? Depends on the day