I haven’t really updated this in a while. Things are going well. On Tuesday, went to a movie night with two other girls from the ward. Allison was running late because of a work meeting, so Bri and I sat around and talked while we waited for her. It was nice. Bri is really sweet and friendly. It was nice to sit and talk with someone and just talk about random things. I’m not really one for ‘girl’s nights,’ but I really enjoyed being over there.

The movie we watched was Mamma Mia. Yeah, I know. It wasn’t too bad, though. Pierce Brosnan needs singing lessons, but it was still a cute movie. I laughed a lot while watching it. I’m going to either ask her if I can borrow it and make Caleb watch it or rent it while we’re in Utah and watch it with my family. My mom and sister love the movie, so it would be a nice little family bonding thing. lol.

We still haven’t made an offer on the house. Caleb is going to take one of his co-workers (Dan) over there to check it out more thoroughly. Dan just finished remodeling part of his house and he’s probably going to remodel more. So we figure he can give us his opinion of how much it might cost to add a vent in the master bathroom and any other things that might need to be fixed. We’re already going to have to buy appliances, so any repairs (aside from repainting and putting the vent in the bathroom) are going to have to be staggered. We discussed the appliances and we’re going to get the fridge and stove right away, but the dishwasher can wait until Caleb gets his bonus in October and the washer and dryer can wait a few weeks after we move in.

We’re planning on setting our tax refund (if we get one) aside to pay for paint and the vent. If there’s anything left over, we can use it for appliances. If not, we’ll have to put the appliances on a credit card. Caleb thinks we’re going to get something like $2,000 back from state and Federal, but since he was in a tax-free zone for six months, I think we’ll be lucky to get $1,000 total. We’re just waiting for one W-2 and then we can do our taxes and find out.

Aside from all that fun stuff, things are going well. Physical therapy is killing me! After my session last Thursday, I was sick all weekend. The weight suspension belt is so tight it’s hard to breath and it squishes my stomach so much my stomach gets angry. So, on Tuesday he didn’t make me do the treadmill. I just did all my other exercises. Even with that, I wasn’t feeling well yesterday so I cancelled that session. I don’t know if I can handle three days in a row yet. He told me at my first session that I needed to do every other day, but he’s had to reschedule some sessions and that puts me at three in a row for this week. Not fun. But, now that I cancelled yesterday, I have a day in between. Tada! lol

Caleb’s doing well. They’re starting PRT workouts at work again, so he’ll be working late on Tuesdays and Thursdays. No fun there. Especially since that means Kadie will have to be alone for a while this afternoon while I’m at physical therapy and Caleb is working out. I hope it won’t be for too long. Yesterday morning I was gone for about 2 hours and she made a mess again. She chewed the back of a picture frame, knocked a wall hanging down, somehow pulled a wax warmer off the bar (i think she got stuck in the power cord) and broke it into lots of pieces, chewed up a photo album, pulled my hymn book and Caleb’s YM book off the kitchen table and peed on Caleb’s computer chair. I was so shocked when I got home! I was expecting a mess, but she’s never peed on the furniture before. I have no idea what gave her the idea to do that! Or even why she would do that. I took her potty right before I left and I was only gone 2 hours! She goes all night without going potty, so we know she can hold it. We leave her alone for 3 hours while we are at church and it’s been weeks since she’s gone potty in the house. I don’t know what got into her yesterday. I hope it doesn’t happen again today. Today she should only be alone for 30-45 minutes. We so cannot wait to get a backyard!

Oh, Caleb is starting his college classes soon. We’re going to save up and next semester I’m going to take some classes, too. It’ll be fun!