Back from Vacation

We got back from Utah early Monday morning. About 5:15am, if I remember correctly. I was so sick most of the drive that I slept. I started getting sick on Saturday afternoon. We left Vegas around midnight and within a half an hour of leaving my throat hurt so bad I could hardly talk. I took Tylenol PM during the drive home so I could get some rest and drive at least part of the way home, but it knocked me out so much that I only drove about 5 of the 19 hours. Sorry Caleb! Good thing we bought No-Doze on Saturday morning. He was popping those the whole drive home.

I’m still sick, but I’ve been getting better. I got Dayquil and Nyquil and have been taking them regularly. They’ve been helping me sleep, too. I’ve had really bad insomnia the past few months and am lucky if I get 2-3 hours of sleep at night. Some nights I don’t get any. So, being sick has really helped in that department. I’ve been konked out within a half an hour of laying down and sleep until 9-10am. Maybe I should get sick more often. lol.

I have tons of pictures from the trip, so I’ll get those posted soon. I am still working on unpacking and will find the camera soon, I hope. All the clothes are hung up and put away, so all that is left are boxes of food storage stuff we got in Utah. Oh, and the deep fat fryer my mom gave us. We don’t really have anywhere to put it all, so I’m just waiting for Caleb to move the boxes off the kitchen table. The only part of the table we have open is where our two placemats are so we can eat dinner at the table.

I’m pretty sure I know where the camera is, I just don’t feel like digging through stuff right now to find it. I took tons of pictures on my phone, too, so I’ll get those posted within the next day or two.