Quick Update

Wow! Life has been crazy busy the past week! I’m not going to write a long blog because I’m tired and don’t feel like it. I just thought I’d do a quick update. Here is what has been going on:

  • I got a job. I work for a foreclosure law firm. I do a lot of different things including preparing case files for filing and filing the cases at the courthouse. Fun fun!
  • We got a heater! Yay! We bought the house 3 weeks ago and have been without heat since we moved in. We had a mini-war with the warranty company over whether or not it would be covered, and they have now agreed to pay for half of it. They would have paid for all of it (repairs, not replacement), but our repairman said they wouldn’t (after he got off the phone with them) so we paid $1,500 for a new furnace. Turns out the warranty company had told the repairman they would pay for repairs to the current unit, but he didn’t tell us that. So the warranty company is being nice and giving us $718, which is what they would have paid for a new unit.
  • We got rid of our apartment. I am so happy we don’t have the apartment anymore. We spent the last week scrubbing it top to bottom and we are getting about half of our deposit back. We didn’t get the carpets professionally cleaned and the drip pans were crispy (we’re really bad about sloshing out of pans onto the drip pans), but that is all they charged us for. From now on, I will be putting tin foil on all the drip pans. That will be sooooo much easier to clean. lol
  • Caleb and Dan finished networking the house. Yay! No more holes in the walls or cables running down the hall! Caleb even vacuumed each area where they cut into the wall and got wall crap all over the carpet.

Other than that, not much has been happening. I’ll give more details about my job later. I hope everyone is doing well!