Time to Dye

Okay, so I’ve been thinking about dyeing my hair for a while now. Several years, in fact. I’ve just never done it. I’ve always wanted to try platinum blonde, but have been scared of what a big change it would be. So, we were at the BX last Saturday and Caleb was looking at hair dye. He asked me if I was still thinking about dying my hair and we talked about it. And we bought two bottles. We thought I should start out slow with a slight change in color, nothing too drastic. So here is what we did:



There’s not much change at all! I only used one bottle, so I think that was the problem. It’s slightly lighter in the back whereas the front is way lighter. I think I should have used both bottles. lol. Jill told me I might want to use two because my hair is so long, but I decided not to. I should have listened to her. lol. I’m thinking about doing it again tonight and focusing on the back and underneath with the last bit going to the top so it doesn’t look to crazy. We’ll see, though. I haven’t been feeling well the past few days, so I may put it off. Again. lol. And I think next time I’ll go with a lighter color so there is more of a difference.

Oh, and btw, yes, that is Caleb in the background in the After picture. No, he is not using the restroom. He is watching the screen on my phone to make sure I had the picture lined up right. Why I didn’t just ask him to take the picture, I have no idea. lol

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