The Festival of the Arts

So, yesterday Caleb and I spent the day at the Art Festival. Well, most of the day. The evening was spent deciding which washer/dryer set we wanted. Below you will see the ones we decided on.

Anyways, the Art Festival was fun. We had good food and saw some good art. There was a lot of not-so-good art, but I believe the appreciation of different styles is relative to our own particular taste. Me, I like scenery and some wildlife. I love paintings, but I’m not a fan of the wild abstract art. I can appreciate the textures and look of acrylics and watercolor, but I tend to stay away from anything too abstract. I so do not like neon clouds and purple grass. Photographs, though, are my absolute favorite. Here are the three pictures we bought:

This is off the photographer’s webpage. It’s called ‘Burgess River Canvas.”
The photographer didn’t have this one on his webpage, so we took a picture of it. It reminds me of the mountain my Grandpa lived on. This picture is called “Misty Meadow.”
“Texas Wildflower”
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The photographer who took those pictures is Ron Mellott. He has many other amazing photographs that can be seen at . He is a very kind gentleman who spoke with us for about an hour. He and Caleb talked about photography and Mr Mellott explained how to get excellent shots and the dedication it takes to get those shots. It was fun to listen to. He asked about my writing and said that he would love an e-mail from me when I get my book published so he could go buy it. Whether or not he really meant it, I don’t know. It was still very nice of him to say.

I have a lot more pictures of the different booths at the Art’s Festival. Some booths said No Pictures, so I couldn’t get all of them, but I got most of the ones that I found interesting. I only took one picture of a booth of paintings because I decided I didn’t like most of the paintings/pictures because they were too abstract or very western. I’m not into Western styles. I’ll post pictures of a few of the booths we saw. The rest I will put on our picture page:

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