Replacing Our Fence

Yeah, I know. I’ve been seriously slacking on this. Here’s an update, though. So be happy. 🙂

I’m so happy it’s Memorial Day weekend! Yay! We’re not doing much, though. Just taking it easy and doing stuff around the house. Well, I’m not doing much. lol. Caleb and the neighbor are working on the back fence. A few weeks ago, we were getting ready to leave for a Jeff Dunham show and when we walked by the back door, we saw that the back fence had fallen over partway! It had been raining almost non-stop for two weeks and the ground had just gotten too soft. Caleb fixed the fence as best he could without being able to get into the neighbor’s backyard (he wasn’t home) and we left for the concert. Then, on Thursday, the fence fell again. Luckily, the neighbor was home. Caleb and the neighbor discussed it and they started taking down the fence. We’re going to split the cost 50/50 and just put up a new fence. The neighbor’s grape tree had kinda killed part of the fence anyways, so the old fence is more than ready to be replaced. So, they took the fence down on Thursday, got rid of some of the posts yesterday and are cementing in new posts today. Fun fun! Here are a few pictures. I don’t have one of the fence when it fell over, but I have one of what it used to look like.

This is the yard before we bought it. You can kinda see the grape vines taking over the fence. The strategic placing of the trampoline masks the mismatched boards patching up a huge hole in the fence. Once we cut down the grape vines, we could really see how much damage the grape vines had done.

This is the backyard without the fence. I have to say, I’m a little jealous of the neighbor’s yard. It’s really nice compared to ours. We’re working on it, though. We’re planting new grass, puling weeds and in a few weeks will use more weedkiller.

Here’s one of the posts they have to take out. The fence wasn’t built in a straight line, so they are moving some of the posts to make it straight. Most of them are okay, but some of them are way off.

So, yeah, that’s what is going on with the fence.