Wednesday Rundown

Okay, I’ve been told to finish my vacation review. lol. So, here is what I did on Wednesday:

On Wednesday, I slept until about 10:00. It was nice to get some extra sleep. Well, I guess it wasn’t extra considering I was up past 2am. lol. I didn’t really do much until Jill came over. We were meeting a friend from high school and just hanging out for a while. He was totally different than I remember! In high school, he was a total football jock and now he is all artsy! It’s crazy! Here is a picture of Jill and Blair at Snow Canyon Park:

We all went over to WIC to see my old co-workers before we went to the park. I was so sad that Hopi wasn’t there anymore! She’s like a third mom. My mom is mom #1, Jill’s mom is mom #2 and Hopi is mom #3. I miss her! We didn’t have time to run out to her house, so when I visit for Christmas I’m going to run out to her house and say hi. Here are some pictures of the WIC ladies:

After spending some time catching up with the WIC ladies, we all drove out to Snow Canyon Park and hung out on some of the picnic tables talking. It was fun. Not exactly the fun we were expecting, but it was fun. Jill and I joked around a lot, talked about marriage and the implosion thereof and all sorts of random things. Then we got to talking about dating and all that fun stuff. Blair has these interesting ideas about first dates. I guess joking around and having fun is not something he considered acceptable on a first date. K, so I’m a fan of 20 Questions and like to start out with fun, random questions before I move on to more serious(ish) topics. Blair thinks that is pointless and rather childish. So, yeah, I ignored him a lot. lol. That was fine because he was quite smitten with Jill. lol. He stared at her a lot. haha. She wasn’t too impressed, either, so we didn’t stay long. Jill had some stuff to do, so she dropped me off at my parent’s house and took off. I spent the afternoon working on my blog and talking with my mom. We had fun.