My Definition of a ‘Man’

I was joking around with a coworker a month or so ago about that he wasn’t a real man and he asked me what it takes to be a real man. I’ve thought about that a lot recently and decided I would write a blog about it.

To me, a man is more than just a good husband/boyfriend or a hard worker. It takes a lot for me to define someone as a real man. Lately people have asked me what I want in a guy and I keep thinking that I don’t really want a ‘guy.’ I want a man.

A man is someone who, first and foremost, is honest and honorable. He tells the truth even when it is hard or it gets him in trouble. I would rather have the respect of being told the truth than the knowledge that I wasn’t worth the truth. I’ll be less mad with a person who tells me the truth than when I find out I’ve been lied to. Lying just compounds the original issue, for lack of a better word.

I’m kinda having a hard time writing this because there are so many things that make up a well-rounded man and I’m not sure where to start. Honesty is an easy quality to start with because it’s important to me and also because it’s been lacking in my previous relationship. I so very much want a person who will be man enough to tell the truth even though he knows or thinks he’s going to get yelled at.

I guess I’ll just start listing things as I think of them. There’s no particular order of importance because all of them are important to me. Granted, I know I will never find a person with all of these qualities, but I would like to find someone with several or most of them.

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  1. Winner

    honest and honorable. check
    tells the truth even when it is hard or it gets him in trouble. so a check !

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