I wrote this on the plane last night:

Right now I’m sitting in the airplane, thousands of feet up in the air. I love watching the lights of the cities pass underneath the plane and I love seeing the different views of the mountains. When my last flight was passing over the Salt Lake Valley, it was so nice to see mountains and buildings that I recognized. I also love seeing the clouds beneath me and their translucency. It’s just so beautiful.

I remember the first time I flew on a plane. I was going to Miami for my 22nd birthday. My brother was living there at the time going to Florida International University. I was nervous because I had to transverse the Las Vegas airport by myself. Anyone that knows me knows that I am terrified of being around large crowds of strangers, especially in places I am unfamiliar with. I’m so grateful my boyfriend at the time walked me as far as he could and then gave me directions to get to where I needed to be. On my flight back to Vegas, my brother walked me as far as he could in the Fort Lauderdale airport and I kinda had to wing it from there. Lol. Luckily the people that work in airports are really nice and they gave me directions. That flight was a little scary because it was the last one out before a hurricane hit the area. The airline had actually called me that morning and asked that I show up three hours early so they could get the flight out before the storm hit.

All my flights since have been easy. I’ve flown to Virginia a few times and from Virginia to Utah several times. My longest flight was when I went to Germany. I actually really enjoyed that flight. I’ve heard horror stories of international flights, but it wasn’t that bad. I didn’t have a scary seat-mate on any of my flights and it really wasn’t that bad. The ocean was really fun to fly over. It was so beautiful. I guess the only bad part was when I arrived in Germany and had no way of getting in contact with my brother to find out where he was. I knew his flight was going to get in before mine and he said he was going to wait for me by the baggage area. So, I sat by the baggage carousel for about 45 minutes. Lol. Yeah, the room was totally empty and I was getting ready to panic. I finally got up and started wandering around. There were a few really nice military families that talked to me and kinda helped me figure out where I was going. Chris forgot to tell me I had to go through some doors to get to the passenger waiting area. Lol. Goofball. Going through the airport in Germany on the way home was a little more nerve-wracking. Luckily my brother speaks fluent German and lived in Germany for two years, so he talked to the check-in people and got everything figured out for me. He read all the signs and got me to the security area so I didn’t have to try and guess where I needed to be heading.

Overall, I think flying is fun. There’s a kind of mini-rush that goes along with the speed of the aircraft. Of course, the rush is much more pronounced on the back of a bullet bike, but since I don’t have one of those, airplanes will have to do. Lol. Another thing I really like is watching everything as it passes underneath the plane. The fields look like a patchwork quilt and the houses and cars look like toys. The mountains, rivers, lakes and ocean are my favorite things to fly over. I love landscape. It’s mesmerizing to me.

Okay, I landed! There was quite a bit of turbulence there for a few minutes. I had my head resting against the wall by the window and it bounced. I had to grab the chair in front of me because the plane shifted so heavily from the wind. I got nervous for a second, but the plane righted itself fairly quickly.

I’m so excited to be back home and see my family and friends again! Yay! I’ll be posting tons of pictures, so keep checking back for all the fun times we’re going to have while I’m here!

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