Yup. Another Survey

110. My last name: For me to know and you not to.
109. I was born in: A hospital
108. I am really: fortunate
107. My phone is: glued to my side
106. My eye color is: Blue
105. My ring size is: 7 (had someone ask me that this week so I went and found out)
104. My height is: 5 foot 8 inches
103. I am allergic to: Stupidity
102. I was born on: The day I was born
101. I am annoyed by: Liars
100: What happened to question 189? It, along with numbers 111-188 disappeared?
99. My bed is: a lot better than a pull-out couch. haha
98: One thing you don’t like about yourself: I have a hard time talking to people I don’t know very well
97. Do you sleep on your side, stomach, or back? Depends on how I’m feeling
96. How do you vent anger? By writing about it
95. How did your day start off? Quite nicely
94. Do you get along with guys or girls better? Guys. They’re less drama than girls
93. How do you think you look right this moment? I dunno. I think I look all right.
92. Last person you went to the movies with? Amber
91. My favorite Holiday is: Thanksgiving
90. The last CD I bought was: er, I don’t buy cds
89. Do you have any siblings? 5 brothers and 1 sister
88. What did you do yesterday? Went to lunch and shopping with Lyndsay and then went kayaking with Brandon
87. When in doubt?: Shut your mouth

:::I Do /Do Not Believe In::::
86. Love at first sight? No
85. Luck? Yes
84. Fate? Yes
83. Aliens?: No
82. Heaven?: Yes
81. Hell?: Yes
80. Ghosts? No
79. Horoscopes?: No
78. Soulmates?: Eh
77. Karma? No

:::Which is Better?:::
76. Drunk or High? Drunk? Never been either
75. On the phone or online: Online.
74. Red heads or blondes? Blondes
73. Blondes or Brunettes? Blondes
72. Hot or cold?: Cold
71. Summer or Winter: Summer
70. Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla
69. Night or Day?: Night
68. Oranges or Apples?: Apples
67. Curly or Straight hair:? Straight.

::Here’s What I Think About:::
66. Abortion: Pro Choice.
65. Backstabbers: Waste of space
64. Parents: Necessary

:::Last time I:::
63. hugged someone: This morning
62. Saw someone: This morning
61: Cried in front of someone? Looooong time ago

60. Who is the ditziest person you know: Jill. Hands down. haha
59. Who makes you laugh? Brandon, Jill, Nate, Lyndsay, Amber, Zach
58. Last show you watched? Lie to Me
57. What you don’t understand is? Why people think they need to be mean to others
56. The most unsatisfying answer: “Whatever you want to do.”
55. Something I really miss when I leave home is? My cat
54. The thing I’m looking forward to the most is? The opportunity to do something good every day
53. Tomorrow: I will try to be a better person than I was today
52. Today: Has been nice and relaxing
51. Next Summer: I’ll hopefully be visiting my brother in England
50. This Weekend: Is almost over
49. The person(s) who knows the most about me; Jill
48. The most difficult thing to do is? Trust someone
47. I haven’t gotten a speeding ticket: Because I don’t get caught speeding
46. The first person I talked to today was: Brandon
45. First time you had a crush: In kindergarden?
44. The one person who I can’t hide things from: Jill
43. Last time someone said something you were thinking: Jill did today
42. Right now I am talking to? Nobody
41. What is your dream job? To be a writer
40. First job? Delivered newspapers
39. I have had these pets: Dog, cat, hampster, chicken, fish, guniea pig,
38. I can still see: Things aren’t always as bad as they seem
37. The worst sound in the world is? Someone who is hurting
36. The person who makes me cry the most: Myself
35. Best sound in the world?: Laughter, music
34. Who makes you happy? My friends and family
33. Cats or dogs?: Cats
32. Myspace or Facebook: Facebook
31. Mexican food or Chinese? Mexican
30. My favorite piece of clothing? T-shirt and jeans
29. My favorite color(s) are: Blue, black and purple
28. Last time I cried: A long time ago. I don’t cry anymore
27. My friends: Are amazing
26. My computer is? Awesome
25. Last person I got mad at: Someone who was being mean
24. Person you secretly crush on?: -secret-
23. Favorite place to eat?: Mauricio’s in Virginia
22. Favorite song: Way too many to list
21. The all-time best show is: The Pretender
20. The all-time best feeling in the world is: Love
19. Favorite scent: Guy’s cologne
18. What color is your hairbrush: Purple and white
17. Favorite shoes: My black tennis shoes
16. I lose all respect for people who: Lie
15. favorite channel to watch: CBS
14. favorite food: Fettuccine Alfredo
13. favorite day of the week: Friday/Saturday
12. Best Feature(s) in the opposite sex: Eyes, smile, back
11. The worst pain I was ever in was: Nothing you need to know about
10. Best Memory(s): My friends
9. Favorite TV show? Lie to Me, Criminal Minds
8. My favorite singer/band: Daughtry, Nickelback, Eminem, Nelly
7. Favorite Stuffed Animal? My panda bear
6. Greatest Fear: Not being good enough
5. My weakness is: Not believing in myself
4. When was your last concert? When I was 16
3. Who broke your heart? I don’t think my heart was ever whole to begin with
2. One thing that makes you feel great is: Friends and family
1. One person that you wish you could see right now: Someone