Historic Day

My friend and I were just talking about the whole situation in Libya and he commented that this is a historic day. It really is, at least for the Libyan people. The rebels just took Gadhafi’s compound a little while ago, so this is either the start of a new regime or the start of a long war. If Gadhafi abdicates, it will be the beginning of a new government. Hopefully, this won’t start a whole different civil war between different factions who think they should rule. If Gadhafi got away and wants to reseize control, this could be a long civil war.

I wonder if the rebels killed Gadhafi. There are so many reports about what the rebels are doing, but nobody says whether anyone has actually seen Gadhafi since the compound was breaches a few hour ago. So, I wonder if they caught and killed him or if he got away. I think a news report yesterday said that Gadhafi didn’t plan on leaving Libya. If u were him, I’d be out of there ASAP. Abdicate, name a successor, make changes, something. Those people really wanted change. Hopefully this change will be a positive one and that the country will grow stronger.

I also hope they are pro-American. We don’t need any more countries against us. Granted, with the way Obama is screwing things up, I’m rather dissatisfied with America at the moment, but I still don’t want it to fall apart. Only a few more months and we can get the ball rolling on a new president. I highly doubt Obama will be reelected. Or at least I hope be won’t.

Well, break is almost over, so that’s it for my two cents this morning. Until later, have a great day.