Had a really great time at institute tonight. It was the first night of class and there are 3 other girls aside from me! Yay! Last time, I was the only regular, one time I was the only student. There were two other girls that came to class, but rarely at the same time. So, hopefully these 3 girls stick with it. Maybe I’ll come out if this with some friends. One girl came all decked out in her OU football clothes (shorts, shirt, backwards baseball cap), which I thought was a little inappropriate for a church class, but at least I know there’s another football fan there. Lol.

The class was on the Book of Mormon. We learned a lot of fun stuff. Unfortunately, I’m really tired and need to go to bed, or I’d go over my notes and write them in here. I have another class tomorrow (Old Testament), so maybe Thursday I’ll write up both sets of notes. I’m really excited for these classes. I really like the teachers. They are good people.

Anyways, I hope everyone had a good day today. Good night!

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