Tonight’s Writing Class

Today was the second night of writing class. It was pretty good. We focused on imagery and being descriptive. I was so proud of myself for reading two of the things I wrote. I’ve made it a goal to get up and read at least one. I’m determined to get over this whole ‘panics when in front of crowds’ thing. I do pretty well in this class because everyone is so supportive and nice. I think I would start having a hard time if people were to start being super critical. I can take criticism, but when people make fun of me or are mean, I tend to panic all subsequent times I have to get up around them. So, it’s good that these people are really nice. I especially like the lady I sit next to, Barbie, and the one I sit across from, Pam. Those ladies are soooooo funny! And both are very encouraging a supportive. I’m very glad I decided to take this class. I’ve actually been looking for a writing class for a while, but either couldn’t find one or found the class after it had already started. I found this one four days before it started and I was very excited. Maybe now I can get inspiration to start writing again.

I can’t even begin to describe how often I’ve started writing a story and stopped. I still have the one I wrote in 6th grade. I packed that one away a looooong time ago. I read it a few years ago and am horrified by how retarded the storyline is and how juvenile the writing is. But, I suppose that’s to be expected of a 12-year-old. Writing was my refuge back then, back when I was too scared to talk to most people. I took that notebook with me everywhere and wrote in it every chance I got, so the story ended up getting really skewed. It started out being about a girl who got kidnapped by a boy who claimed to be her brother and turned into this whole mafia thing with the FBI. Take my word for it, it’s messed up. lol. I bet I could take it apart and make two separate stories out of it. That would probably be better. lol

Right now, I’ve got three stories that are partial drafts. Tonight, I started a fourth. We were just sitting there doing a relaxation and imagery exercise and this storyline hit me. I’ve written the first page so far, so I’m excited to write more. I called my mom after class and read it to her and told her my ideas for the continuation. I’m way pumped about this. Now I need to start taking my laptop and a notebook with me everywhere I go. Depending on my mood, I prefer either one over the other. The computer lets me get the craziness our faster because my fingers can keep up with my brain flow and other times I need a lower process, so I will write in a notebook. So, I need to keep both with me at all times. I guess I could write on my phone, but that makes it a little harder to go back and review what I’ve already written.

Well, it’s late and I have to wake up at 4:30 for work, so I need to wrap this up. I told my mom I was going to make a post for her, so I’m going to go write that now. Another one of the assignments in class was to describe a person using a body part. I was a little worried people were going to get a bit crass or vulgar, but most people kept it civilized.

Anyways, I’m off to write the post for my mom. Talk to y’all later!

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  1. Loser

    If i had to describe you as a body part i’d say ”eyes”
    as eyes are sometimes so open so bright , But sometimes so unassured so cautious
    But always beautiful and always seeing the best in others

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