Good Morning, Monday

Well, it’s Monday again. Like clockwork. I guess the consistency is good. Otherwise, there would be a lot of chaos on the world. Oh, wait, there already IS a lot of chaos in the world. My bad.

Anyways, it’s another lovely morning of backstabbing and pettiness in the workplace. Not that I ever experience that. Nope. Never ever ever. 😀

Okay, so I’m slightly irritated about this lady at work who seems to have made it her mission in life the last two weeks to make me look like an incompetent idiot. I have to say, though, I’m rather proud of myself for not getting super stressed and taking it personal. That used to be my big issue, I’d take all the pettiness personal. I’ve come to realize, though, over the past two and a half years, that the people here do whatever they can to make themselves look good so they don’t lose their jobs. If that means throwing someone else under the bus for making a mistake, then they do it. I used to take it personal and think it was because they didn’t like me, but I’ve grown up a bit and realized that they’re just looking out for themselves. Everybody is scared in this economy. Nobody wants to be unemployed when it’s so hard to find new jobs. So, I can’t fault them entirely. I’ll just sit at my desk and think about how mean that lady is for a few minutes and then let it go. All it does is hurt me when I hold onto it. My bosses know I do a good job and work hard. They wouldn’t have combined three jobs and given that to me if they didn’t know I could get it all done. I fall behind periodically, but not too often and not too far. So, I’m doing well. I just need to remember that.

Other than that, life is going well. I made some new friends at the institute movie night in Friday and I had a really nice and relaxing weekend. I spent Saturday editing movies and doing laundry. I watched part of the football game Saturday night, but wasn’t really paying attention because I was talking to my friend on the phone. Sunday, I spent the afternoon at Becky’s house. I really love her family. They are just good people. Her kids are so cute. The two littlest ones crawled in my lap and the 10-year-old girl sat next to me while I read them books. It was fun. We also made omelet’s in a jar, which turned out awesome! I must admit, I really don’t like omelet’s (they’re usually way too cheesy and there’s something about the texture), but these were good. I got to pick what went into my omelet’s (small amount of cheese, onions, mushrooms, green peppers and ham) and then shook the jar and boiled it in water. It was so yummy! Definitely something to try again. After dinner we watched Anne of Green Gables, which was pretty cute. We only watched an hour, so we have plenty more to watch later.

Well, break time is over. Back to the grind. Good bye, sunlight. Lol.

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  1. Loser

    You wouldn’t go out of your way to make someone look like an incompetent idiot, Why should she, O well, Not everyone is like you, Your right not to let it get to you, Not worth thinking about, Yet i know you do, You can’t help it, I get that, It’s what makes you who you are, No need to change ,I’m sure your bosses know people who blame others and usually the ones at fault,You sound like your the ‘go to girl’ for your bosses, If something needs doing go to ERIN!

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