Somebody sent me flowers! Yay! They’re so pretty and they smell wonderful! I keep moving them around my desk so that I have an excuse to pick them up and smell them. Lol. I love how they smell.

The super awesome thing is that yellow roses are my favorite color of rose. Yay! There are tiny little pink ones, too! So cute!

These flowers absolutely made my day. I feel like a retard because I sit there and just smile at the flowers. They’re just so pretty and happy. The funnest part is that they don’t say who they are from. It just says ‘A Friend’. So, whoever sent them, you turned a crazy insane day into a super awesome day. I love flowers! Thank you!

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2 Replies to “Flowers!”

  1. Loser

    You must have a secret admirer, For the record it wasn’t me who sent them, please don’t think that it was ! I would send you far more expensive gifts haha JK!!!!
    You can delete the Musings comment if you wish, I’m ok with it if you wish to leave it there, I’m totally fine with that,Its all very true statements,
    But if its an annoyance to you feel free,

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