Good Morning

My goodness. What a semi-chaotic day. Lol. One of our runners for another county seems to have lost some of the paperwork (and the check) from one of my files, so I’ve spent the morning attempting to track it down. No luck so far. I’ve been trying to work on the production list my boss emailed me yesterday, but that’s not going to well. Lol. Every file I’ve worked on has had something wrong, so I’ve had to take it to another department to have stuff fixed. So, I’ve basically gotten nothing done today. Just a lot of running around and playing phone tag. Good times. I did get some files filed this morning, helped Alisa clean the kitchen and some files FORCed before everyone else got here (benefits of coming to work at 6am), but since other people have arrived, I feel like I’ve done zilch. I don’t look like it, though. My desk is a freakin mess. Ugh. I hate messes. They stress me out. I guess after break I’ll tidy up and organize my desk before I get back to attempting to work on files. It’s so funny that every single one has had a problem.

This is such a strange day. It’s not far off from most of my days, but it just feels strange. I can’t really explain it. Oh well.

Today we have a bank rep here. Not that any of us knew the reps would be here. Lol. Normally we get emails the day before telling us to look sharp and have our desks clean (oops). I feel a little bad because I’m wearing jeans and we’re not supposed to the the reps are here. Good thing a bunch of other people are wearing jeans. I didn’t feel quite as out of place after the 4th pair of jeans walked by. I am glad I wore heels, though, instead of tennis shoes. Makes me look a little bit dress. Normally I pick tennis shoes over dress shoes, but I decided to change things up today. I think it looks kinda cute.

Well, my break is over. Good thing, too. A smoker decided that she wanted to sit at the table next to mine. Seriously, one of the worst things in the world is a smoker. Nobody wants to smell that crap. Well, unless you’re a smoker. I’m not. And cigarette smoke makes me sick. Smokers are some of the most inconsiderate people in the world. If you want to smoke and kill yourself, fine. Do it in your car or our house or your backyard. Don’t subject the rest of the population who is smart enough to stay away from that to your disgusting habit. I don’t want to die of lung cancer because some dumb people decided they wanted to be stupid.
Well, enough of that rant. Back to work.

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