General Conference – Saturday

Well, conference weekend is here again. Seems like a really long time since the last one. I’ve enjoyed it so far. I listened really well to the first session, but I had a hard time getting into the second one. Then the website froze and I wasn’t able to watch the last half hour of it. It’ll be 4 days before the talks are posted in text and about 24 hours before the video is posted, so I’ll have to wait until then to see what all was talked about.

The parts I was able to watch were pretty good. I took notes on some of the talks, the ones I was able to get into. lol. I kept having to pause the playback and replay parts so that I could get the quotes down. Some I didn’t and just wrote as close to what they said as I could remember. The notes I took aren’t really a summation of what was talked about, just different things that were said that I thought were cool or interesting. I’ll post each on separately. I’ve got notes on President Monson, Elder Alonso, Elder Packer, Elder Uchtdorf (he’s one of my favorite apostles) and Brother Curtis. I only got part of Brother Curtis’s talk because that’s the one it cut out on. I was in the middle of a quote, too, so I’m a bit disappointed. Oh well. Now this will force me to read the talks when they come out so that I can finish my quote. lol.

Without further ado, I will post my notes. In separate posts. Enjoy!