I’M GOING HOME FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! Yay!!!! I’m so excited! My boss approved my vacation, so now all I need to do is go home and buy the tickets! Woohoo! Oh, and my brother might be there, too, which will be so awesome because he is rarely there when I am. I’m going to tackle him and make him tell me all about his adventures.

Oh, and mom said she and dad might go visit my other brother in Phoenix for New Year’s, so I’ll probably go there, too. So this trip will be great!

True, it’s only been two months since I last went home, but by Christmas it will be five months. Lol. I try to go home twice a year, but this year was special because Christmas will be my third trip home.  I made an emergency trip for my grandmother’s funeral in May and then went back at the end of July.

Every time I go back, I think about moving home. Most times, I actually decide that I’m going to. But, then I come back to Oklahoma and start looking into moving and it just doesn’t feel right. Kinda sucks, by for some reason I’m supposed to be in Oklahoma right now. Not sure why or for how long, but this is where I’m supposed to be for the time being, so I’m just patiently waiting it out and saving up for when I do move. Lol.

Well, break time is over. Time to head back to the chain at my desk, though I’m a lot more upbeat about it now that I have a trip home to look forward to. My only dread is now I have to buy people Christmas presents……….

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One Reply to “Vacation”

  1. Niall

    ………I guess that means you want someone to comment ha, I’m reading Ms , I try not to comment, You know how my comments sound, ha,
    But you’re going home,COOOOOOOOL!! You always look so at peace there, so happy, Plus you take lots of cool pics,
    Great that you post here everyday its a little light in the darkness of my life. A reason to stay happy, something to look forward to. I like knowing you, its like having my very own
    interactive Mona Lisa !! Your perfection in simplicity ,I’ll shut up now ha,
    How come i got the stressed out ready to implode face, O MY, YOU DO KNOW ME HA!
    Hate that you see that side of me to often, Wish i could express myself better, I’m no good with words,
    But i’m learning from you all the time!
    And i still miss her

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