Today Ended Well

Well, aside from a slight snafu this morning, today has gone really well. A lady at work brought brownies in today to kinda try to make today a good day at work, which my boss decided the correct response to this was to send a mass email to the entire office commending her for helping those who can’t get along to get along. I thought that was a little high-schoolish, but what can you do, right? So, after a phone call to my mother where I vented about the immaturity of people who are supposed to be beyond such tactics, my day went very well.

I love my mom. She always has such wonderful words of wisdom and great spiritual advice. She just kept saying that I need to remember that Christ wouldn’t respond to the rude comments with anger, that He would just smile and go on with His day. So, that’s what I did. My mom was so great to listen to my frustrations about yesterday and this morning and she told me that now that I’d let it all out, I needed to just move on and be happy. That I’d let the mean people win if I get all angry and bent out of shape from their spitefulness. So, I put on my music, told myself to let it go and had a good day.

I’ve found that I have better days when I listen to music instead of NPR. lol. So, I stuck my headphones in and spent the day dancing in my chair. I got some weird looks from people, but that’s okay. I’m already known as the office oddball because I don’t drink, smoke, sleep around or party. I don’t swear, either, which was a topic of much discussion for a while. People kept saying they couldn’t wait to hear me swear, which they said I inevitably would by being around 30+ people who use the F-word and every other swear word imaginable ALL DAY LONG. So far, two and a half years later, I still don’t swear. Or anything else. I’ve turned a bit more cynical, am much less trusting and tend to have less faith in people, though. It’s kinda sad.

But, yeah, my day went fairly well. I got through all of the appraisals that needed ordering, checked through all the pending appraisals and got things fairly well-organized in regards to appraisals. I’m so excited about that. I’ve been trying to get that all done for weeks, but other things keep coming up. So, I spent today working on that. I had originally thought it would just take me the morning to do, but it ended up taking me all day. But it’s done now, so all I need to do now is maintain what I’ve got organized and order new appraisals. Shouldn’t be too hard, right? We shall see………..

After work, I made it to the gym and was able to do a good workout. Did my 30 minutes on the arc trainer and felt pretty good. I’m back to my normal eating habits (for the most part), so I felt a lot better and had more energy than I did last week. It was still a bit hard for me to do in the middle, but that’s normal. I also think part of it is because I went to bed kinda late last night and could hardly get out of bed this morning. I really wanted to call in sick, but didn’t do that because I didn’t want my boss thinking I was going to cower and run just because that guy was a jerk to me and she said it was my fault. I’ve made a commitment to face my battles head on and so far I’ve done well with sticking to that.

After the gym, I kinda had to rush around because while I was on my way to the gym, my neighbor texted and wanted to get ice cream before I went to institute, so I did my arc trainer and some weights (back press, hip adductor, hip abductor) before rushing home to shower and eat some food (filet mignon…yum!) so that we could leave by 6:15. I ended up forgetting my institute notebook, but was able to run home and get it before going to class. And I was a little early! Yay!

You know, when we were at Freddy’s getting ice cream, I got a little disappointed in my neighbor. The girl at the register undercharged him and he wasn’t going to tell her. She charged him for a small ice cream and gave him a large and then she didn’t charge him for his drink at all. He was totally fine with not telling her. I told him that I thought he should, because it’s the right thing to do. So, a minute later he did. She told him not to worry about it, so nothing changed, but it’s the principle. Yeah, a lot of the time places won’t charge for things that were forgotten, but you still need to make the effort to let them know. That way, you aren’t stealing. If you just walk away without telling them they made an error, that is stealing and taking advantage of someone. That girl was obviously new and didn’t know what she was doing, so to take advantage of that is extra wrong. It really disappointed me that my friend didn’t just step up and try to correct the mistake without having had it suggested to him. I guess people just don’t care about honesty as much as they used to.

As for institute, though, that was GREAT!!!! I learned all sorts of new stuff. I really love the Enos’ and the lessons they teach. I’d write out my notes from tonight’s class, but it’s a bit late and I’m starting to get a tired headache. So, I’ll have to do that later. I have TONS of notes from all my institute classes that I need to type out. I just never have time. lol. I guess that’s what I could do this weekend, along with re-listening to conference and getting more quotes. Hey! I should be able to print out and read the talks by this weekend, so that will help. It’s easier to read and find quotes than to listen and try to get the quotes right. So, that’s what I’ll do. I’ll print the talks and highlight the quotes I like.

Well, now that I have a plan, I’m going to bed. Good night, world. I hope you all had a great day!

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  1. Niall

    That’s so weird about your neighbor ,Honesty is best policy , I’m even more surprised he done it in front of you,,I know a guy here, Not a friend or anything, Just a person i know of basically,
    HE KEEPS PAYING FOR THINGS WITH 10 EURO NOTES,BUT CLAIMS EVERY TIME TO STORE ASSISTANT HE GAVE HER 20 EURO, !!! WHAT AN ASSHOLE! The amount of times he is given change for a 20 is unreal, And if anyone really pushes him on fact ”no you gave me ten” !! he just lets its go and says o yea your right, just to cover him self,
    So many don’t question it, though, just believe him when he says ” i gave you 20 ” and give him his change for 20
    I always over hear him boasting about it to his mates,

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh . Now that’s stealing !

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