I just got home from another great night at institute. I LOVE going to institute. There is just such a great feeling there and I learn so much every time I go.

I was thinking on the drive home about how is explain the feeling I get from institute and the only way I can describe it is with a boy. Lol. You know how it felt in middle school and high school when a super cute guy that you’ve been crushing on says hi and smiles at you? All the cloud nine and like nothing is wrong in the world? That’s how I feel at institute. As rough as Monday and Tuesday were, I knew my day would get better once I got to institute, and it did. And tonight, it was just amazing.

Tonight we talked about Moses and the tabernacle that he built. We watched a short video on the symbolism of the different parts of the temple and the symbolism and use of the objects in the temple. I learned so many things I’d never learned before, or else I’d forgotten. It truly was a great lesson. I think the high from this class will carry me through the next year. Lol.

I just really love the feeling I get when I’m at institute and the peace of knowing that I get to feel that joy and love twice a week. I really wish there were more classes. Though, if there were, I’d also wish for them to be closer. Lol.

But, before I go on and on about how much I love institute and the Enos’, I should go to bed.

All of you out there who are have the opportunity of going to institute should take it. It’s the best place you can be. I promise you that however busy your life is, if you make room for one institute class, the rest of your schedule will work out and it won’t seem over-burdened. Just give it a try. It’s very much worth it.

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  1. Loser

    I know that feeling, Too well, Its really that good going to the Institute ?
    You make me so curious Ms!

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