My Meadow

I love days like today. It’s about 70 degrees, the sun is shining, there is a light breeze and the sky is dotted with clouds. I’m laying on the grass outside my office and just loving how peaceful this is. They mowed the grass a few days ago, so there is a light scent of freshly cut grass, which makes it even better. When I close my eyes, I can imagine myself laying in the middle of a beautiful meadow in the middle of nowhere.

In my meadow, there are wildflowers of all kinds blowing in the breeze, their pungent fragrances floating about on the air and enveloping me in their luscious aroma. Around the outside of my peaceful retreat are birch and pine trees, their boughs swaying gently as the wind slides between their branches.

Rocks of all shapes and sizes congregate in varying clusters around the meadow and between the trees. They want to be part of the peace and joy in that place.

Just beyond the trees you can see sunlight glistening off the top of a shimmering azure lake. Areas where the water is shallow you can see down to the fine, light-colored sand, dusted about with pebbles and shells. In the deep areas, the water is a deep, dark shade of blue, inviting in its peacefulness, but warning in its darkness.

No other human form knows of this peaceful place, where the temperature is always perfect, the sun always shining and the sky is always blue.

The only sad part about this place is the permeating alarm that always comes to tell me I have to leave, that my time in the land of peace is over for now.

So, with a last wistful look at the sunlight glancing off the crystalline waters, I make my way back to the land of reality. Until next time.

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