Good Night

This is just going to be a super quick post so that I can say I posted today. Lol. I was going to do a post about the different types of teas and which ones are better than others, but I started it late (after institute) and realized partway into my research that it was after 10pm and I needed to go to bed. I’ve not been feeling well the past two days, so staying up late it not a good idea right now. So, I’m going to go to bed and finish my tea research hopefully tomorrow.
So, that said, good night!

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  1. ianmenikos

    I’ve done a lot of tea research myself to find out why it is bad or good. Everything I find has mixed reviews. White and green tea have the least amount of processing which would make them the better choice, not to mention the antioxidants in them. Health as a concern you would probably want the decaf variety, but I’ve personally always wondered if the decaffination process doesn’t affect the tea in some way. If not then that would be the way to go. The tannins in tea are said to be different from tannins used to tan leather, but the verdict is out on whether they are good or bad for us. lol. The only way I can see tea truly being 100% healthy is herbal tea, which isn’t really tea at all.

    • Erin

      Herbal is the only kind I drink. Well, for the most part. I’ve got a few at my house that I’m not sure what they are, so that’s kinda what prompted the research idea. My work also provides teas, but most are lemon tea with black tea as a main ingredient, so I was just curious about which ones were the bad ones and which were okay to drink. So far, it looks like herbal teas are the only okay ones because they aren’t actually tea, like you said. The tannins and tannic acid information is very interesting, too. I spent probably 40 minutes just reading about those. Lol.

      • ianmenikos

        Yeah you are probably doing the right thing, especially if you want to follow the word of wisdom specifically, ofcourse that being said we’d have to give up any hot drinks lol so who knows. I tried to figure out why tea is against the word of wisdom and never could figure it out. If it is the caffiene then why isn’t soda bad? If its not the caffience then why is tea bad? lol It’s very confusing. It could also be the time period. Maybe back then the tea brewing process made tea bad, or maybe the tea was so “Hot”, that is was simplying drinking hot drinks that was bad. And now that they can take the caffiene out of tea, should it still be against the word of wisdom? I wish I knew. Though I guess the simple answer is were told to stay away from it, so I guess thats what we should do.

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