Musing Mind

I don’t really have much to write about right now. Well, I do, but I want to save those posts until I get home and can add pictures. Lol. I’m pretty excited about both things, so it will be fun to write those two blogs tonight. I’m sure nobody else will be very excited, but I am. This is going to be an awesome week. Lol.

Aside from that, work is going fairly well today. I don’t really feel like I’ve accomplished much, but I have been working on little misc projects that I’ve been saving for ‘later.’ I’ve gotten some of those done and gotten them cleared off my desk, but it doesn’t really look like I’ve done any actual work.  And the day is halfway done. Lol. I guess I’d better get crackin when I go back in. Bust out a bunch of files and then run home for my birthday dinner.


It’s so weird that my birthday is Friday. It doesn’t really feel like it. I guess part of it is because the weather is usually cold around my birthday and also because back home I’d be doing Halloween things with my friends. I kinda miss going to haunted houses. I went to a couple two years ago, but didn’t do any last year. I probably won’t end up going to any this year. This Saturday is my ward Halloween party, which I’m helping with, and next weekend is the only weekend left and most people I know are already doing parties. That’s okay, though. I need to save the money for my trip home at Christmas.

I’m pretty excited about that. I bought my ticket last week and I’m already trying to come up with what to get people for Christmas. Dad told me what he wants, so that is easy. Mom, Patty and Chris, not so easy. I’ll come up with something, though. Just not quite sure what yet. If anyone has any ideas, I’m all ears. Or, would that be eyes since comments would be read? Lol

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