Kevin Durant plays intramural flag football on OSU campus, and is a star

I saw this online this morning and thought it was really cool! Can’t find where it says who wrote this article, but it wasn’t me!


Kevin Durant is a star on the basketball court, no doubt. But with the NBA lockout, life was “boring” for the former UT and current Oklahoma City star.

So on Monday night, Durant became one of the most famous and wealthy intramural flag football players in the history of Oklahoma State University.

And, of course, he was a star.

In a game on campus, Durant played quarterback and corner, racking up four touchdown passes and three interceptions, he wrote on Twitter.

The night started with Durant sending out a message on Twitter that included the question, “Anybody playing flag football in okc?”

Oklahoma State student George Overbey responded, and a conversation began.

Overbey jokingly asked Durant, “can you catch.”

Not long after, they talked on the phone and Durant picked up Overbey and some friends at Overbey’s house.

“When his car pulled up at the house, I was like, this is really happening,” Overbey said in the video above. “My friends didn’t believe me.”

Overbey’s team, according to a great blog recap on Pistols Firing (that includes many pictures), was 2-2 heading into Monday night’s game that determined a playoff berth.

Durant led Overbey’s team, called Signma Nu B team, to the victory, and, of course, became the buzz about campus.

Reports had 500 people watching the game.

“He is the nicest guy ever,” Overbey said. “It says a lot about Kevin Durant.”

He added: It was “the coolest moment of my life.”

After all, it’s not every day that a millionaire NBA super star drops by for an average flag football game.

Certainly a Halloween night that will be remembered for a long, long time by those in attendance — including Durant.