Feeling Better……Again

Well, after a major relapse of my icky cold yesterday, I am once again feeling better. I seriously felt like death warmed over when I woke up yesterday, but today I am only feeling like death at room temperature. ha. I’ve still got a cough and that makes my throat hurt, so as long as I don’t talk or cough, I feel mostly fine. Just a little run down. So, yay! I’m going to take another NyQuil tonight about 7 and go to bed after I watch The Amazing Race. That should have me all rested up for another wonderful week at work.  -.-

I probably would have been all better today, but for some reason, I can’t just sit and relax when I’m sick. I did for a while, but then I felt like a lazy bum (which is fine when you’re sick, but for some reason I can’t do it unless I’m ‘confined to bed’ sick) so I decided to work on cleaning my house. I got the kitchen all done and half the bathroom done before I felt like I was about to fall over, so I quit. Well, for a bit. A few hours later I finished up some laundry and moved some boxes (i know, i know, i’m not supposed to do that, but there were only 4) and THEN I layed down again for a while. Until I remembered that I had to go put gas in my car so I could make it to church today. My brilliant self decided to take a shower and wash my hair before I did that because the gas station is right next door to Wal-Mart and I “needed” to get some stuff there for work on Monday (which, they didn’t have the thing I was looking for, so I just bought some other random stuff). So, I went out with wet hair into the cold and windiness. I swear, my level of intelligence sometimes is right on par with a rock. So, I came home with a really bad sore throat again and feeling like crap. Go me for sticking with my plan of taking Saturday to rest and recuperate.

I’m not really sure why I do it. I tell people I’m sick and can’t do stuff because I’m ‘resting’, but then I do a bunch of stuff around the house and I don’t really rest. Oh well. That’s what Sunday is for. lol. I took a decongestant this morning and I finally have had a day where my nose has quit pantomiming a full on tap. So, that’s a good thing. Now, I’m going to just hang out on my couch and rest and relax and have a great afternoon of not doing anything. Because Sundays are the only days where I don’t feel like a lazy bum when I do that. lol

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  1. Niall

    Feeling better that’s cool. I always watch The Amazing Race, its ah hmm AMAZING LOL
    You would be good contestant ,Another joke might see you fully recovered, hmmm let me see,
    ”What did the inflatable headmaster of the inflatable school say to the inflatable pupil?

    You’ve not only let me down, you’ve let yourself down and you’ve let the whole school down.

    Not great 🙂

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