Well, after I got home from work and running some errands yesterday, I decided I was going to sit down and write. I’m going to break this thing, whatever it is. I was talking to my friend about it last night and he said it sounds like I’m having writer’s depression. Lol. Sounds good to me, so we’re going to go with that.

Whatever it is that my brain is going through, I’m going to beat it. Seriously, I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was a little kid and things always come up that I put it on hold for. Usually it’s just me putting other things as a higher priority. Well, school, work and marriage were kinda important, but a lot of the other things have just been fillers.

But now, I’m reprioritizing. I love to write and it has always been a dream of mine to write, so now I am going to stop putting my dream off and actually do it. Yes, my brain may tell me that nobody will ever read my book or that it’s a dumb story or that it will never get published anyways, but that’s okay. That doesn’t mean I can’t try. There will be times, like now, when I fall back and think there’s no point to trying, but those will be the times when I need to try the most.

So, last night I wrote. Took me an hour, but I wrote one page. Well, and I washed the dishes. Lol. It took me 15 minutes to write the first paragraph, so I took a break and did my dishes. Lol. When I came back, I still had some trouble, but I sat there and I kept trying to come up with stuff until it was time for me to get ready for institute.

Do I like what I wrote? Sure, it’s okay. Do I think it could be better? Yes. Am I going to throw it away? No. I’m going to use this to build off of and once I feel the creative energies burning again, I’ll take another look at it and see what I come up with. For now, though, I’m just going to move forward and make progress.

4 Replies to “Progress……..”

  1. Niall

    Sounds like a plan, One tip i would give is scribble things down,carry a note book with you,
    Never know when a good idea might make its self known to you,
    Good luck!

    • Erin

      Oh, I do. I have a notepad in my purse, several at my desk at work, two on my car, a notepad app on my phone and my nook and several stashed around my apartment. Lol. Now I just need pens……..

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