Rambling About Troy and Malaysia

Goodness. It’s been a few days since I last posted. Things have been so crazy! There have been a lot of ups and downs and blahness, but overall, it hasn’t been too bad. I think last Thursday was the lowest I’ve been since this whole escapade commenced. Nothing really happened that was bad, I just had a rough day. I woke up feeling kinda off and then Troy messaged me to say he was going out with his friends and wouldn’t be calling me until later in the afternoon, so that made me sad because I’d gotten used to him calling me every morning around 7:30-8:00 and I’d really been looking forward to hearing his voice. It’s actually been really nice because he’s been able to call me just about every morning and we’ve been able to talk for an hour or so most days. Today we got to talk for about an hour and 45 minutes. The longest we’ve gotten to talk is about two and a half hours. I’m so thankful my boss is a former Snake Temple Penang MalaysiaMarine and understands the whole separation thing. Not that it’s quite the same, since Troy isn’t risking his life or doing anything particularly dangerous, unless you count going to the Snake Temple in Penang this past weekend. He said he was disappointed that there weren’t more venomous snakes on the ground mingling with the people. What a nerd.

So, yeah, the day was just off. By the time Troy did call, I was stressed out from work, feeling really crummy and just so overwhelmed by all the things I had to do with work and moving. I ended up bawling all over my mom after work about how stressed I was from all the moving stuff and work stuff and life stuff. I got a little sad when Troy called because it sounds like he is having soooooo much fun and I’m stuck here packing and not having a clue what is going on with anything. So, him not knowing the answers to my questions kinda added to my stress. He always apologizes and says he knows that it’s rough not knowing what is going on, but that doesn’t help too much. Answers and decisions would help. lol.

It was really nice to hear from him, though. It was a super short phone call because he was just talking long enough to get some pictures off his camera and get ready for his trip to Penang the next day, but it was still nice. He was all excited about this little incident that occurred while out with his coworkers.

They had all gone to a bar to participate in the Malaysian Independence Day and  check out the festivities.  After spending about three or so hours there, a bunch of them wanted to go check out this beach that is notorious for the hooker population. Troy and a few other coworkers went back to the hotel while the rest of them headed for the beach. The group that was going to the hooker beach beat Troy’s group back to the hotel. Considering the adventure they had, I still can’t find a logical reason for this. lol. Apparently, one of the girls was wearing a dress and carrying a purse in the super crowded party atmosphere. My first thought at hearing this was wondering if she was sane. In a place that is notorious for pickpockets and street theft, why on earth would you wear a dress, heels and a purse in a super crowded and chaotic situation? Not exactly a bright idea in my book, but then, I’m not the type to carry a purse everywhere I go. Or wear a dress. I’m more into jeans and flip flips or tennis shoes.

Anyways, this girl’s purse got stolen and her boss tried to chase the guy down, only to get whacked in the head with a rock by the thief’s accomplice. Troy said they all thought they had wandered into the middle of a gang, so they changed directions and headed back to the hotel, where they somehow beat the group that was going straight back to the hotel. This defies logic to me. How on earth would the group that stayed and walked around (and got mugged) get back to the hotel before the group that got straight on the bus and went back to the hotel. This does not make sense. Things that don’t make sense poke at my brain until I can make them make sense. And this may never make sense, so this is going to drive me nuts for forever. lol.

So, yeah, Troy was all excited to tell me that story. The boss is okay, just got a glancing blow and the girl didn’t lose her passport, which was my first concern. She did lose all her credit cards and money, though, but everyone was really nice and paid for all of her stuff. That’s one of the things I like about Troy and most of his friends. They’re all very nice and generous people.

Well, we only talked for about 20 minutes and I was really happy with our phone call. Troy made silly little compliment comments and made me laugh. He’s really good at that. I love how nerdy he is and how he’s always doing something silly. So, the phone call made me happy for the most part. I wasn’t too thrilled with his comment that he’d wanted to go check out the hooker beach, but hadn’t gone because he was dating me. But, I have to admit that I’m curious about what that beach is like. So maybe he and I will have to go when I get there. Maybe. I’m not sure I’m curious enough to actually go, especially after what happened to that other girl.

Oh, lol, that whole incident prompted Troy to tell me that that incident is exactly why he does not want me living alone. I was all “What, muggers will target me more because they can somehow miraculously tell that I live alone? Really?” lol. I’m sure if we’d  been face to face, he would have given me one of those exasperated looks he likes to give me sometimes. haha. But, he did go on about how he’s concerned that if people find out I’m living alone, that I’ll be more of a target, especially if they find out I’m working from home all day. He keeps mentioning the sex trafficking trade in SouthEast Asia and said I’d be a perfect candidate for those people. He’s brought this whole thing up a few times and says that because I’m white, blonde, tall and pretty, that I will be a target for crazy people.

That reminds me of something else he told me. lol. He said that the Malaysians like to just walk up to people and get their picture taken with them. He said that he thinks I’ll get asked this a lot………….or not asked. He says the people either ask if they can get a picture with you or they just get super close and someone takes the pictures before you can even tell what is going on. Which I think is strange. I don’t want strangers getting all up close and personal. I’m not a fan of being touched by people or having my personal space invaded. Not sure of many people who are. Oh well. I will just have to learn their culture and get used to it.

This whole adventure is going to test me in a lot of ways. Aside from it being a new culture, I’m going to have to get used to being around tons of strangers ALL THE TIME because there won’t be ANYBODY we know. If we move into the apartment complex Troy is thinking about, there may be one other coworker and spouse living there, but other than that, nada. The rest of them are going to live somewhere else. Which I’m pretty okay with. I’m not a fan of the whole drinking and partying lifestyle, which a lot of them seem to be doing over there, so if we’re living a distance from them, it’s not going to tear me up too much. Well, unless some of them are Mormon. lol. But I don’t think any are because I’m pretty sure Troy would have mentioned it by now. And he hasn’t said anything about any of them being non-drinkers aside from himself, so I’m guessing they all drink. Yay. Oh well. I’m not in Utah anymore.

I’m actually pretty excited to be testing myself. I’m not the type that will willingly go outside of my comfort zone, which is probably why I’m still in Oklahoma. It’s just so easy to stay here and keep doing what I’m doing, yet at the same time I keep yearning for so much more. Life here is a little on the dull side. I used to think that if I were married and had kids it would be different, but I don’t think it would be. I think I’d still be bored out of my mind and feeling like I’m missing out on life. So this opportunity is going to be wonderful. I was super scared at first, but I’m not anymore. A little stressed out and overwhelmed at times, but not scared. I think once I get all this packing stuff done, I will feel a lot better.

Of course, I should be packing right now, but I figured I could take a few minutes to relax and do what I want to do for a few minutes. I don’t have too terribly much more to pack. When I’m at work, it feels like I have my entire apartment to do. I actually made the comment to Amanda when she picked me up from the airport that I have a ton left to pack and she said she thought it looked like I’m almost done. As I sit here and look around a bit, there isn’t too much left to pack. Mostly my pantry, some pictures on the wall, my clothes, stuff in my bathroom and some bed sheets and blankets. I guess it just feels like a ton of stuff left to do because there is crap everywhere. Troy likes to tell me I have a lot of stuff. I think he might be right. lol. There are a bunch of heavy boxes that Troy doesn’t want me messing with or moving myself, but it’s not like there is anyone else here to do it for me. He’s in another country. And I’m not the biggest fan of asking for help. Troy made some comment about it  being a pride thing, but I don’t know. Maybe it is. I just feel like I’m taking advantage of people or annoying them or that they’d rather be doing something else aside from moving boxes or whatever else for me.  I did break down, though, and ask for help with loading and unloading stuff next weekend. That one there wasn’t really a choice. There’s no way on this or any other planet that I’d be able to get all my boxes and furniture down a flight of stairs and up three more. So, yeah, I asked for help on that one. Troy said he’d be mad if I didn’t ask for help packing tomorrow, but I really don’t want to ask anyone. It’s so last minute. He said he’d call my bishop and ask him to get someone to help me, but I don’t know if he did. I think I’ll be fine, though. I can leave the heavy boxes of books outside and if I throw the firewood off the balcony and then go down and stack it up for my neighbor, it will be okay. I’m not looking forward to how sore I’m going to be, but Troy bought me a massage and I’m getting it on Tuesday, so I just have to deal with being sore until then. lol

Well, this blog is pretty long and I’m just rambling, so I’m going to go start another one about my trip to Utah and then do another one about all the new info I have about Malaysia. Maybe. My head hurts pretty bad, so I may just sit here and watch tv for a bit before I do those blogs. It’s only 5:30, so I’ve got plenty of time to get started on my packing. I’ve got a diet coke in the fridge, so I will drink that a little later to give me energy to stay up late. haha