Internet is Back!!!!!

Yay! I have internet again. I went about 24 hours without it. Sort of. Something happened yesterday afternoon and the internet quit working.  Well, it worked, but not wirelessly. Or easily. We have an Astro IPV TV package where we are supposed to have internet and cable, but for some reason, yesterday afternoon, last night and all day today I have only been able to do one or the other. The ports on the back of the modem weren’t working. Well, one was, so I had to switch between having the internet plugged in or the cable plugged in. It wasn’t too bad, since I have been spending most of the past two days putting the apartment together. I just have the tv on for background noise or for when I want to take a break. And when I wanted to look something up online, I’d plug the internet in. I was too lazy to switch back and forth this morning, so I just hooked my laptop up to the computer with the HDMI cable and watched a tv show I had downloaded. Since I can’t utilize Hulu or Netflix from over here and my favorite shows are on tv channels that aren’t broadcast over here, I just download each episode after it comes out, watch it and delete it. So, that’s what I did this morning. I am glad to have the internet back, though. Well, back the way it is supposed to be. Now I can use the wireless on my laptop instead of having to be plugged in with a hardline. I wasn’t able to use the wireless before because we didn’t know the password.

Troy tried to get it to work when he got home from work last night, but it was not cooperating. He worked on it for an hour or so when he first got home from work, well, after we ate dinner at the hotel and checked out of the hotel, and then he worked on it again after we got back from shopping for our apartment. He tried all sorts of stuff, but the wireless router wouldn’t work and then the modem completely melted down. It was pretty funny. Kinda. Troy is hilarious when he’s frustrated with a piece of electronics. I think at one point he wanted to throw it out the window. He kept saying he wanted to try one more thing and then we could go shopping……….and then he’d want to try something else. One more thing………….and then something else. lol. It was funny. We finally got out the door to go shopping and came back a few hours later. It still wasn’t working. He started helping me make the beds so we could go to sleep, but I kept redoing what he was doing (he didn’t take the icky dirty mattress cover off before starting to make the bed and then he didn’t put the new mattress cover on. lol. He was trying. I was laughing so hard at the whole thing, but I don’t think he saw it quite so entertainingly. So he eventually said he was going to work on the internet for a while so I could make the beds the right way. haha. I think we got back from the store around 10:00 and he worked on the internet until about 11:40. Could not get it to work. Poor guy. He was so frustrated.

I think he was frustrated, too, when the apartment people came over today and said it might be 3-4 days before a tech could come over to check it out. The whole reason he really wanted this apartment is because it was internet ready. I’ll admit that I wasn’t excited at the thought of being without the internet for the rest of the week. Oh, I forgot to mention that when the apartment people came over, the internet died. Kaput. I have no clue what happened. I was showing them what the problem was and the picture quality on the cable went really bad. The lady (i swear, i am soooo bad with names) called and tried to do the over-the-phone help, but that didn’t help at all, and then the internet was gone. She said she’d have to call the Astro people and get a tech out here, but that it might be 3-4 days. Boo. Thank goodness for email on phones.

Good news, though. there was an Astro tech here working on another job and he agreed to come look at it today, so she called me and said he’d be here today. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Took the guy about an hour, but it is now working. No more hard-line into the modem or router. I’m sitting about six feet away. Woohoo! I emailed Troy to tell him and he asked if it just started working on its own. haha. I forgot to tell him the tech was coming out today. So, he’s pretty happy that we will have internet when he gets home. Internet, dinner, clean clothes (some). What more could a guy want? haha

I found this image while I was looking for pictures and it made me think of some of the people I used to work with. Cracks me up.

I guess I’d better quit playing and get Troy’s work shirts out of the dryer. I tried getting them out earlier, but I think my washer/dryer (it’s a combo unit……….weird, right?) is the spawn of Satan. I put the clothes in, but it is a freakin battle to get the dang door open to get them out. I want to burn the dang thing.