Feeling Accomplished

Yay! I finally feel like I’m accomplishing something! At least as far as the laundry goes. lol. Now that I have the bar to hang laundry on, it is going a lot faster and I’m not so frustrated. It was just so hard to feel like I was getting anywhere with the laundry when the piles weren’t getting any smaller. Troy wears two, sometimes three shirts a day and those would get added to the pile along with the two pairs of garments he’d wear a day along with his pants and socks. He likes to wash his shorts every time he wears them and his pants after wearing them twice. With the humidity and the long train ride to and from work, I can totally understand why he changes clothes when he gets home every day. Problem is, though, that his multiple pairs of clothes and my one pair of clothes being added to the laundry piles every day equaled out to almost an entire load of laundry being added every day when I was only getting two or three loads, at the most, done a day. So, it felt like I wasn’t making any progress. Today, though, I feel much different. It’s only 1:40pm and I’m already on my third load of laundry. I’m just washing the shirts and then hanging them up to dry. Takes longer to dry, but oh well. At least I don’t have to deal with only being able to do two loads a day and I don’t have to fight with the door to open after drying the clothes. It opens right away after washing. I’ve got two loads of laundry left to do and I’ll be entirely caught up with laundry! Yay! Makes me very happy.

I also feel accomplished because I have cleaned

both bedrooms,

both bathrooms,

the kitchen

and all the dishes! 

Yay! The only rooms I haven’t cleaned are Troy’s computer room (there’s just a desk and couch in there), the dining area (Troy’s computer, monitors and camera gear are all over in there) and the living room (my computer stuff is all over the floor from talking to my parents for almost two hours this morning and my physical therapy equipment is out, too). So, I feel like I have done really well today.