I’m Thankful For My Mom

I decided that before I take a nap, I’d like to write about some things that I’m thankful for. As much as I like to think I appreciate the things and people in my life, I don’t spend a ton of time expressing that. So what better time than now to express my gratitude? Today I would like to express gratitude for my mom.

 Really, who can’t appreciate their mom? Even if you have a crappy mom (which I don’t), you have to appreciate the fact that your mother chose to bring you into this world. Even if you were an ‘accident’, your mother still decided to let you live. So many women now choose to either not use protection or birth control and then just abort the child when they get pregnant. All of us alive today are here because our mothers decided to either bring a child into the world, whether the child was wanted or not. I was a surprise baby because my mom didn’t think she could get pregnant while breast-feeding, so I was an unexpected addition to the family. Thankfully, she is the kind of person that treasures her children.

Aside from that, I’m really grateful that my mom taught me the things she did while I was growing up. I learned how to cook, clean, do my laundry, wash dishes (without a dishwasher) and all the other household chores. I am better able to take care of my home now because I learned how to do it when I was younger. She also taught me how to be thrifty and not to waste money. I can mend holes in clothes by hand (even if it’s not my favorite things to do), find multiple uses for items, improvise if I don’t have what I need on hand or go without if I don’t really need something. All because my mom taught me when I was growing up.

My mom also instilled in me a great love of books (she would read with us at night and take us to the library frequently), compassion for other people (she is always helping someone with something), how to sacrifice for other people (she went without things she wanted or needed so the rest of the family could have what they wanted or needed), financial responsibility (she taught me to save and manage money starting when I got a paper route when I was 5), personal responsibility (letting me choose to have a paper route when I was little and then letting me choose between a paper route and an allowance when I was older – I chose the paper route), among other things.

My mom is a really great person and she is a good inspiration. She is constantly trying to help other people and to be friends with all the kids in her neighborhood. She is fun and goofy and likes to make people laugh. I’m very thankful she is my mother and I love her very much.