Things Seen While Shopping

I’ve been sick for the past three days and haven’t been up to doing anything other than laying on my couch, so I haven’t been posting anything. Thank goodness I set the first several days of the Christmas Candle Scriptures to auto-post or they wouldn’t be up at all. But since I am feeling a bit better, I figured I’d do something simple and just post some pictures of strange things I’ve seen while I’ve been out shopping. These pictures were all taken with my cell phone, so pardon the not-so-great quality of some of them.

The description of what this can be used for made me laugh.

Apparently, Australians like their cream of chicken with a little extra kick.

Oddly enough, this is not an uncommon sight around here.

To me, this is totally disgusting. But people buy them. Blech.

If you don’t want to pay for a cart at Carrefour, they have these nifty little baskets that you can pull around. I kinda like them.

So, they have this fruit called durian here. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ve heard it’s quite foul. I’ve smelled it (from afar) and I have to agree. It smells like rotten garbage. Why the people here are so fond of it, I have yet to figure out. But they have durian-flavored everything.

There are TONS of products here to lighten the skin. It amazes me that everywhere you turn, there is something else being advertised to make your skin lighter.

I have no clue what these are. I know what they LOOK like, I just don’t know what they actually ARE.

I have become quite curious as to what men might need disposable underwear for.

The shelving system here quite intrigues me. I really want to know the system they use.

I’ve come to discover that Malaysian companies don’t really think before they name some of their products.

You’d be amazed by the number of employees around here that you see playing on their cell phones or facebook.

All these freakin bras and none are plain white. NONE! They all have designs. AND, none are in my size. Apparently, I’m an anomaly and have to go to a specialty store. Ugh.

These are the most ugly sandals I have ever seen in my life.

Aloe vera juice is actually quite common over here. The aloe vera flavor is, actually.

Coffee-flavored milk. I got nothin. lol.

The seaweed flavor is very popular here, too. I’ve heard people say it is supposed to help with breast cancer.

You can’t see it very well, but this is water. Pouring down the entire wall. And employees were just standing there talking while the water made a pool on the floor. Safety is not a huge concern here.

Canned coffee

The Malaysian version of the capri sun.

Please don’t test the merchandise.

It is very rare to find refrigerated eggs here.

Quail eggs!!

Duck eggs!

Apparently, vegetable oil is such a hot item that they have to limit sales on it. Weird.

Say hello to spices and mixes!

They have TONS of rice here. Thank goodness. We eat a lot of it.

They have the strangest flavors of ice cream here.

Milk is more common in a carton that a jug.

They sell fresh seafood. All day long.

And they sell dried seafood.

And seafood on ice. Lots of seafood on ice.

And finally, this awesome little guy. He is one freaky little fish.