First School Deadline – Met

Well, today was interesting with all my school work. I didn’t realize I had an essay and another quiz due today, I thought they were due on Saturday. I was looking at the wrong class and totally overlooked my English assignments that were due today. Thankfully, I double-checked this morning to make sure I’d finished everything and found that I had 3 hours to do a quiz and write an essay. That was exciting. lol.

My English assignment was to ‘write for or against online dating.’ haha. I thought that was ironic. With my personal experience, I could have gone either way. I chose to write in favor of online dating. Just because I met someone who chose to be dishonest and completely misrepresent himself doesn’t mean that everyone is that way. I mean, I met Troy online and he’s a 100% different person than my ex-husband. Okay, yeah, he likes to play video games and is into photography, but he has a handle one his video gaming and only plays a couple of hours a week. If I ask him to do something with me, he just asks if he can finish his level and then he gets off. As far as the photography goes, my ex-husband insisted on buying a $2,000 camera that, for the year we were still married after he bought it, just sat in the box it came in, in a closet.

Troy doesn’t like me saying we met online, but we did. He says that it was inevitable that we would have met in person, even without the internet, but the fact still remains that our first interaction was on the internet. We were part of a singles group on facebook through our church in Oklahoma and he messaged me one day and said we were from the same home town. We spent the next several hours messaging each other and I asked him if he was coming to the activity that night. He was going to a work thing and said he might drop by after. He did. After the activity, he took me for a ride in his awesome car (Audi TT) and let me drive it. He taught me how to spin it in a deserted parking lot and encouraged me to drive it WAY over the speed limit. It was fun. The next day, he invited me to a park to take pictures of birds and we’ve been hanging out pretty much every day ever since. I’ve found him to be an honest and sincere person. He drives me completely crazy sometimes, but I’ve never doubted his honesty or his integrity. It’s nice. Every now and then I start to feel concerned because I trusted my ex-husband and was completely blind-sided by the things he lied about, but I keep reminding myself that Troy is so different from Caleb and I’ve never honestly felt like there has been anything to be mistrustful of.

Anyways, back to my essay. I wrote in favor of online dating because there are so many people you can meet in that venue than you could have ever met in the past. Yes, there are some awful people on there, but there are still a lot of good people. Gosh, I remember one guy I’d been talking to for several months. We decided to do a video chat and even though he seemed like the nicest guy ever, what popped up on that video screen was totally not what I was expecting. Yikes. And then there was the Marine that lived in St George. He talked a lot of crap and had the whole tough-guy personality and looked like he would be a not-so-great guy, but he was very respectful and polite and a genuinely caring person. I know the girl he ended up dating and he was really good to her. So, online dating is going to have the same pitfalls and high notes as meeting people in person or being set up on blind dates. You just have to weed through the weirdos to find the good ones.

Aside from that assignment, I had to do a quiz, which I got three wrong on. Boo. Not so great. The quiz I did yesterday, I only missed one questions. It was the one that wasn’t addressed in the module or the syllabus. I went back and looked for it after the quiz because I KNEW it wasn’t in there. And it wasn’t. I guess it was more of a common sense questions. She asked how many modules could be failed and still pass the class. Nowhere in the introduction material did she say we couldn’t fail any. So, I selected the answer that said ‘it depends on the average grade of the rest of the modules’, which is how it normally works. But, she wanted the 0 answer. Oh well. I got to go back and re-take the quiz, so now I have 100% on it. The diagnostic English quiz isn’t graded, so that’s a relief. I’m curious what my essay grade will be, but I’m not sure it will be graded. It was a diagnostic essay. I included the two quotes (one direct and one paraphrased) that he required and I did it in the MLA format. I cited the references inside the paragraphs, but I didn’t cite them at the end of the paper, so that is my only concern about it. He had a guideline for everything else (margin width, font size, header information, title format, spacing, etc), but he didn’t say anything about the quotes other than to use one as a direct quote and the other as a paraphrase. Oh well. Too late, thinking of that now. I guess I shall just have to wait and see what the final outcome is when he gives it back……if he does.

Over all, it hasn’t been too bad doing school online. I’m glad that the school only wanted me to take 6 (7) credits this semester. It has been a crazy week and I’m totally unfamiliar with the Canvas website. There are three different places to find assignments and due dates and if I hadn’t just happened to find the one this morning, I would have missed the deadline for my English assignments. Plus, I was looking over mine and Troy’s travel schedule for the remainder of the semester and we will be gone quite a bit. It will be easier to get ahead in my classes with just the three that I’m taking than it would have been for the 12 I wanted to take. There is one class that I can be completely finished with by the end of next week (probably the end of this upcoming weekend, if I sat down and just focused on that one class) and I think I will work on getting that one done. That will just leave the other two classes. I’m excited. This is going to be a good semester. I hate writing essays, but we all have to do things we hate sometimes, right? Writing essays will help me get better at writing blogs and open up different things to blog about. Heck, I could probably post my essays on here. haha. Watch out, blog world. My homework assignments are soon coming to a screen near you.