Got Our Visas for Myanmar!!!

Yay! We got the visas! It wasn’t quite as long a process as it was yesterday, but it still took a long time. Again, most of that was just standing in line. Actually, I’d say pretty much all of it was. We got there about 3:50 and didn’t get out of there until about 3:40. I felt bad for Troy. He’s been so sick today, but he didn’t want me to have to go back down there alone. We’d been planning on me going down there by myself today, but then he got sick and spent half the day sleeping. When it was time to go down and get the visas, he decided to come, too. I think he gets nervous when random guys talk to me. He still mentions my infamous little 5-hour drive around the outskirts of KL with that random guy when I was trying to get Sadie over to the animal quarantine people. I promised Troy I’d never do that again, but he still tells me not to do that when I go off to do stuff alone. And then I have a tendency to either get lost or have some type of transportation drama. So he decided to come with me to make sure it all went smoothly. And it did. Except for the part that he felt awful the entire time. But now we’re home and Troy spent 4 hours laying down before going back to bed. He slept so much today. He’s been feeling pretty bad for the past several days and this morning he just couldn’t even function. Poor guy. Hopefully he feels better tomorrow. He said he’s going to go in to work whether he feels sick or not because they’ve got a lot going on right now. So, please send happy thoughts and prayers his way so he can feel well tomorrow.