Weekly Workout Report

5 days in a row!!!!! Woohoo!!!!! I haven’t done that in over a year! Most weeks I worked out 4 days, which was my goal, so actually doing all 5 days is a pretty good feeling. I’ve felt good every day this week and have had some good workouts. I still wish they had an arc trainer here, though. I was always able to bust out 600+ calories in 30 minutes on that thing and here I’m averaging about 135 calories in 20 minutes on the elliptical. Part of it is that the way the elliptical is set up doesn’t allow for me to get up to the same speeds I got to with the arc trainer, part of it is that my inconsistent workouts have made it so that I’m still not used to working out at this altitude and part of it is that I go long periods without working out and my body just isn’t used to working out that hard anymore. I’ll get better, though. We’re not going on any trips in March (so far), so I will have the next 5.5 weeks to get my routine solidified before going on our next trip (home!). That is, if I keep working out while Troy’s parents are here for a week and a half in March. They get here in 10 days! It’ll be fun having people to go do stuff with during the day and I know Troy’s looking forward to seeing part of his family.

Anyways, here is my summary of my workout for this week. I’m pretty proud of myself and will reward myself by taking two days off. haha

Cardiovascular Exercises Weekly Total / Goal
Workouts 290 minutes / 90 minutes
Calories Burned 1127 calories / 420 calories
Strength Training Machines Sets Reps/Sets Weight/Set
Back Extension 3 10 70
Chest Press 3 10 25
Lat Pulldown 3 10 40
Bicep Curl 3 10 30
Leg Press 3 10 75
Rear Deltoid 3 10 30
Fly 3 10 35
Abdominal 3 10 30

I need to adjust my settings on here because the goal I had in Oklahoma was to work out for 30 minutes a day 3x a week. That wasn’t including the hour a day I spent doing physical therapy exercises at home. Here, I can’t do all of them because I don’t have all of my equipment.

So, since I do the elliptical and about half of my physical therapy exercises, I’ll set my goal for next week to be 60 minutes a day 4x a week. Gotta give myself a break day in case I’m super tired or something comes up.

Overall, though, I think I did really well. I’ve had to lower my weight amounts from what I was doing in Oklahoma, but I don’t think it will take me too long to get back up to weight. I’m very proud of myself. Yay! Go me! lol


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  1. Niall

    We can rebuild her! lol
    Aw good luck, I know it means alot to you, That its important to you to stay in shape

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