Taxes Are Done!

I was kinda dreading doing my taxes because the past few years I’ve had to pay state taxes. The deduction was the same as at my previous jobs (1), so I’m not sure why I had to pay, but I’m very happy that this year I did not have to. This is either the highest or the second highest refund I’ve ever gotten, so I’m extra happy about that. After I pay my tithing, most of it is going in savings. I used my savings account to pay off my car before I moved to Malaysia so that I wouldn’t have any big bills, so I’m working on getting my savings build back up.

The funny thing about filing my taxes was that I did it in H&R Block as well at Turbo Tax and Turbo Tax said my refund was almost $200 less than H&R Block. Same thing happened last year, but it was less than $100 different then. Troy said coding issues cause that to happen, so it may be worth it for other people to try out their taxes in both programs. I did it on a whim last year because I wanted to see which company charged less for e-filing and then I realized something about each system makes your refund a different amount. I’m all for going with the system that gives me a bigger refund. lol

Anyways, my happy little tax refund is going to boost my savings account and get me that much closer to having my savings back up to where it should be. I’ve been thinking about it and I don’t really see any reason to take any money out from the remainder after tithing. I have my allowance from Troy that I don’t use all of every month, so there’s no need to take out extra that I’m not going to spend. Better to save it for the future.

Though……………………………………Troy did say if I want to go to China that I will need to pay for half of my plane ticket since the place we want to go is super expensive. So, that may be the splurge I do. I don’t know. I’ll have to think about it a lot. I’m not a huge spender and I don’t like to spend large chunks at once, so that’s something I’ll have to think a lot about. So, we shall see. Until then, yay for tax refunds!