English Midterm Results

I got an email from my English teacher a few days ago. Dun dun dun (ominous music) I was super nervous to open it and avoided doing so for a couple of days. I was so afraid it was going to be an email talking about how I missed some key requirements in the essay and that I had gotten a grade far below what he had expected. All semester he has given me really positive comments on my essays and has said I write well, so I was really scared that I had screwed up really bad and the email would be telling me what I had submitted wasn’t quite what he was expecting from me.

Finally, I decided to just open he email and face what he had written.

I was so surprised to open the email and find out he liked my essay! He gave me 100%! Wow! I was soooooooooooooo surprised! In his email, he said it was well thought out with good points and that the thesis was solid. I was nervous about that part because I thought the thesis might have been a little muddled in the first paragraph. He didn’t think so and that is what matters. He also liked my personal example and the refutation at the end.

Huh. I knew my essay would get higher than an F or D, but I really wasn’t expecting full marks. I was expecting somewhere in the mid to low 80s. Crazy. It’s still not quite realistic to me, that I received full marks for an essay I know I could have written so much better if I had taken a bit more time to analyze it some more and make a more solid case. And if I had done the essay during the day instead of in the middle of the night. That part couldn’t really be helped, though, with the time difference between here and the college and also that Troy and I were leaving early the next day to go out of town. So that was really the only time I could do it.

In any case, my grade was good. I keep re-reading the email and getting all excited about getting a really good grade. 100%. How strange. lol. I feel like I’m back in high school English where I would get good grades without really trying.

I was in a senior English class my Sophomore year and my brother sat behind me. I remember him poking me during quizzes and me scooting over a little so he could peak at my paper. lol. We never did that during real tests, but we had our fun during the quizzes. Chris would also make funny comments about the lessons and we’d try hard not to giggle ourselves into trouble. I miss those days. They were fun.

Now, though, there is nobody sitting behind me to peak at my papers and I’m actually trying to do well. Makes me feel good that I’m doing well even when I think I’m not. Troy tells me not to doubt myself so much and to just study and do my best. He keeps reminding me that I’m smart and capable and that as long as I study and try to do well that I will get good grades. It’s good that he reminds me that from time to time. Sometimes I feel like I’m going to fail everything. But so far, I haven’t. I’m not sure which of the two is more scary.

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