VENT: Welcome to Malaysia – Redundancy At It’s Finest

I am really trying to be patient. And understanding. And calm. But it’s really hard. I’m soooooooooooooooo irritated right now!

K, so the realtor’s wife came and looked at my wall on Tuesday and said she would send a tech out to look at it and find out what was causing the discoloration on the wall. She was person #1. I reminded her on Thursday when she came with the tech to fix the washer (he broke it worse, unfortunately) and let her know that I can no longer sleep in my room because my eyes swell when I’m in my room for longer than a few minutes. Friday, a building guy came to look at the wall and inside the ceiling in my bathroom. He was person #2. He said a pipe was broken and water was leaking and that there is mold inside my wall. Saturday, a mold tech came and looked at it and said he would be here this morning to start repairs. He was person #3. FINALLY, today, 5 HOURS LATE, another guy shows up. TO LOOK AT THE WALL!!!!!!!!! This was person #4!!! He says the water is leaking from outside and isn’t from a broken pipe. He said he is going to have ANOTHER guy (person #5!) come out and look at the wall SOMETIME this afternoon (goodbye ideas of leaving the house today) and see how long the repairs will take. Uh, this was after he told me the repairs would take two days.

Seriously, the guy who came on Saturday said they were going to be doing repairs TODAY. Soooooooo, did he lie to me? Or did he just have no clue what he was talking about? Or am I really that bad at understanding when someone says they will be here at 6am to start working on the wall? Why is someone just looking at it AGAIN? How many more people are going to just LOOK at it? When will someone actually FIX it?

OH! AND, this guy today kept talking about injecting chemicals into the wall and having to take out part of my wall and what all repairs would need to be done. WHY, then, do they need ANOTHER guy to come out and see what needs to be done and how long it will take?????????? Why on EARTH do they need 5 people too look at a wall and see that it needs to be repaired? Why do they need 4 to come look at it and see what needs to be done and how long it will take? Why? WHY?!

Troy has told me about the redundancy at his office and how they have to have several different people look at things and pass it up the line before the head person approves it. Apparently, it’s not just in government. This is so freakin irritating. The guy TOLD me on Saturday that they would be repairing the wall TODAY. Now, apparently, they have to have someone come look at it again and then maybe start repairs on it tomorrow afternoon. Or the next day. I dunno know if that will happen. Maybe that guy will need someone ELSE to come look at it. Ugh. With the way things have been going lately, I won’t be surprised if the guy says the soonest he can start is this weekend and that after that, he won’t have time for a few more weeks. I seriously WILL NOT be surprised if that happens.

AND ANOTHER THING! The guy told me today that they have to get approval from the owner before they can start work, which is ridiculous because the realtor already told me the owner approved repairs. Or maybe he meant the owner had approved having a tech come look at it. I have no clue. All I know is that the realtor told me the owner had approved the mold being removed because it is dangerous. Did I misunderstand this, too?

Either way, this is ridiculous. 5 hours late is BEYOND rude and all this freakin ‘let’s have someone else look at it’ crap is getting old. 4 people have confirmed there is a problem and that it needs to be fixed. SO FIX IT ALREADY!!!!!!! I want to have my room back. I want to have my TIME back. I can’t leave the house because I don’t know when this guy is going to show up and I can’t make plans for the next few days because I don’t know when they are coming to do the repairs. I need to go grocery shopping today. I need to go pick up some things Troy and I ordered. I need to go to the corner fruit stand. Tomorrow I have to teach at the refugee school. Thursday Troy and I leave for Vietnam. I’m so glad Troy decided to do the visas for Vietnam online instead of having me go down there today. That, at least, is something I don’t need to worry about.

*sigh* I feel better now. I just needed to get all that out because I felt like I was going to pick up a hammer (which we don’t have…………) and tear a hole in that wall myself. I can totally understand the frustration Troy deals with on a daily basis. Well, not entirely. I’ve only had to deal with it these past few days/week. Still, it’s REALLY frustrating. *deep breath* K, I think I’m going to be okay now. I miss the US and how much easier it is to get things done there.  Or maybe this is just a case of ‘the grass is greener’. Oh well. I guess I should look on the bright side and think of how many pictures I can get edited while I’m sitting around waiting for this guy to show up this afternoon. And be thankful that the couch is fairly comfortable. And be glad I have all the ingredients to make cookies. Troy will be happy to have cookies when he gets home.