Mold Is Gone!!!!

Yay! The mold is gone! Last night I slept in my bedroom for the first time in almost a month. It’s crazy how long it’s been. It was really nice being able to sleep in my room and have all my clothes back in my closet. Troy’s pretty happy to have his bathroom and closet back to himself. haha

The mold has actually been gone for a little bit. They guys came on Thursday last week and spent about four and a half hours scraping the paint off the wall, cleaning the mold off, spraying chemicals to seal the water leak from the outside and generally just making a mess. It was fun. lol.

In all seriousness, though, those guys were awesome. I was a little weirded out a few times because they were so quiet for the first couple hours and it just felt like I was home alone, but then I’d turn around and see one of them wandering around. They were very polite, friendly and didn’t track too much stuff around the house. I was actually pretty impressed with them.

The only time I got unhappy about them being here is when I walked back to see what all was going on and I noticed they had been climbing out the window behind Troy’s computer monitors. I knew he’d be super upset if those got broken and there was no way those guys could have been climbing in and out that window without bumping the monitors, so I quickly unplugged them and moved them to the table. Troy would have moved them the night before if we’d known they would be using that window, but we’d been told they were going to climb out Troy’s bedroom window, so we didn’t even think about moving the monitors. But, I guess they changed their minds. I wish they had said something to me. Oh well. One of the guys helped me untangle the cords so I could move the monitors and was very patient as I got in his way to do so. When Troy got home, he was a bit ticked off about the whole thing, but once he got the monitors hooked back up and made sure they still worked properly, he downgraded to just being annoyed about the technicians going out that window instead of the bedroom window. Nothing was broken, so it all worked out.

And the mold is gone. I am beyond ecstatic about that. I couldn’t sleep in my room for several days after they fixed the wall because of the chemical smell in there (seriously, it was awful), but I kept the fan on and the windows open and the smell was mostly gone on Sunday. Monday, I opened the door to let the air circulate a bit more and moved all my stuff back in the room yesterday. I actually enjoyed being able to rearrange my closet and the drawers. Organizing stuff is something I always have fun with. lol.

I had a lot of fun finishing my room last night. I washed my quilt and bed sheets yesterday and made the bed last night. Sadie and I had quite a bit of fun playing with the sheets. Sadie likes to jump under the sheets and attack the corners when I’m fanning the sheets over the bed. It’s hilarious watching her go nuts and attack the sheet as it is floating down. Then, I had to stop and pounce on her after the sheets were all twisted around her and then we were just teasing each other back and forth. Poor Troy was working all evening, so he missed out on all of it. He just got to hear us laughing and having a good time. It was a lot of fun.

The thing that makes me the happiest, though, is that I woke up this morning feeling great and not having any allergy symptoms at all. No runny nose, no sneezing, no swollen eyes. I am beyond thrilled.

The only thing left in all of this is that on Friday a building maintenance tech is going to come over and finish some of the paint. The guys last week didn’t let the wall dry before painting it, so some of the paint bubbled. Jeremy, the realtor, had someone come over to scrape the bubbled paint on Monday, so after letting it finish drying this week, he is going to come back on Friday to paint those spots and make sure the rest of it is looking good.

So, yay! 99.9% done! No more mold! *happy dance*