Troy’s Work Christmas Party

In mid-December Troy’s company had a Christmas party that was a lot of fun. It was a nice night to dress up, have fun, enjoy each other’s company and eat good food. The evening started with everyone meeting in the lobby of our apartment complex to wait for our private bus that was our magic carpet for the evening.  I didn’t get many pictures of everyone goofing off, but I did get this one. Troy and Mark were twins………….except for the slight height difference. Mark is our resident giant and he was using his fist of iron to hammer Troy into the ground.

Once the bus picked us up, we had a lot of fun playing Catch Phrase as we drove to our dinner destination. It started with a small group in the front of the bus and them morphed into the entire team playing and it was very hilarious. One of the girls had brought some wine and some plastic cups and once everyone (except me and Troy and the pregnant girl) got tipsy, things got strange. In a hilarious sort of way.

After some detours and going in a few circles (our bus driver didn’t really know where he was going……….) we arrived at Ril’s Steakhouse & Warehouse Gallery. It was basically a warehouse on the bottom floor and a nice steakhouse upstairs.

We all took turns wearing Mark’s magic hat and enjoying the festiveness it inspired.

We had a lot of fun while we were there. Unfortunately, my camera wasn’t cooperating, so I didn’t get many pictures. FORTUNATELY, Maggie brought her super awesome camera and got some great shots. She was gracious enough to share them with everyone, so I have plenty of Christmas party photos to use.

Here are all the ladies of Fast Malaysia. Everyone looks so glamorous!:

 Troy showing a rare moment of PDA:

Our end of the table wasn’t really ready for the picture:

The other end of the table, though, was ready and waiting for it:

Once the food arrived, we were all impressed with how good it was. It really was a Christmas-worthy meal.

After we finished our amazingly yummy meal, we got back on our awesome bus and headed to a private karaoke room at CEO Neway where we partied the night away. One of the girls there mentioned that she didn’t want any pictures of her posted on Facebook and that it is bad form to share pictures or videos from karaoke (i was taking a video of Troy’s awesome karaoke performance), so I’ll just stick to posting some photos of Troy singing karaoke because he doesn’t mind. Though, I didn’t actually get any of those shots. All I got pictures of was the decor before my camera quit cooperating again.

The rest of the karaoke photos are courtesy of Maggie. I’m really glad she captured the entertainment of Troy’s singing. He did a really great job. I’ll have to see what he thinks about me posting one of the videos of him singing on here. His performances were awesomely hilarious.

Troy and I ended up cutting out early because we had church the next day. We asked a couple people to take pictures of us with my phone and I have learned a valuable lesson from this: do not let drunk or tipsy people take pictures of you.