Finally On Time

Woohoo!!! I made it to the train with 20 min to spare! I was a little worried, but I made it! The atm line was super long because two of the three atms were broken. There were six people in front of me, so I wondered if the atm was going to run out of money, which happens a lot here. But, I was able to get money and made my way to the money exchanger.

Getting the money changed is really easy. I’ve done it before, but I don’t like carrying around large amounts of money when I’m by myself. Everyone can see you pull wads of cash out of the atm and when you go to an exchanger, people know you have a bunch of cash. Makes me feel like I have to be on high alert. But, there were hardly any people around and I was in and out within minutes.

When I told Troy how much renminbi I’d gotten, he got a little upset because he’d told me only to exchange if it was a $10 or less hit. He got mad because he calculated it at a $70 hit. I felt awful because I thought I’d calculated it as acceptable. Troy felt like a dork when he realized he had calculated it using USD when he should have done MYR. When calculating in ringgit, it was only a $11 hit. So, he felt better and told me I did a good job.

After getting the RMB, I had time to grab some food from Burger King (burger, fries and a drink for 6.30 – $2.10 USD!) and get my train tickets with 20 minutes to spare. I’m quite proud of myself.

And now that I’m on the train and on my way to meet with Troy (and have publicly congratulated myself for my excellent use of time), I’m going to go back to reading City of Bones. Arrivaderci, peeps.